Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why is female bodybuilding allowed?

I find it disgusting and unnatural. Has our society become this morally ill that anything goes? Violence is the norm, being better than everyone is better too. Not only does it look yucky, but it seems like it is mostly about ego. I’m not letting males off the hook any because some of them use steroids, but all the female bodybuilders do. It is impossible to have that much testosterone to build muscles.
It looks pretty sick to me. It looks like they have manly jaws, and muscles in women are lean while they are bulky in men. Women cannot get that look without taking stuff. It is absolutely impossible due to not having enough testosterone. If you’re talking about ones who claim they’re natural, they do that to dodge getting banned.
Yes, I want to ban it Laura. I reflect it sends a terrible develop to other people. And the tests just aren’t reliable, and they aren’t done as regularly as you reflect. I know people involved in that diligence and they say everyone uses them, but most will lie about it. It is factually impossible with the hormones. I don’t know why the scientifically challenged can’t see that.
yeah, I reflect steroids should be banned, but also creatine and protein supplements. They make doable what is unnatural. Just because they legal doesn’t mean they are excellent.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tazzie Colomb in the 90s Rare Interview & Posing

I remember Carla Dunlap saying back in the mid-1980s that FBBs were perfect for bisexual guys because they were women with the level of muscularity usually only associated with men.