Thursday, July 26, 2012


Why do men hate female bodybuilders?
i am 23 and i realize that the majority of the men hate female sorry but i can't date skinny women.i love female bodybuilders.i love women with muscles that is so hot.i am still manly though.why do men hate female bodybuilders.
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Why do so many wifes get abused?
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because they look so boyish --and stirct
just a big OUGH
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because they are ugly and demeaning lol idk
imma guy
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I find it strange as I find female bodybuilders attractive
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they're probably insecure about their own musles and they feel challenged. So they want dainty girl scouts that pose no threat to their manlyness. weird, huh?
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Men hate female body builders because they are wrapped up in gender stereotypes. Most don't even realize that just by living in a society which subtly tells women they have to be a certain way, and men have to be another way, they're effected by it.

Examples are:
Men can't shave. Women have to shave.
Men can body build. Women' can't.
Men can hit on a woman in a bar even though she is clearly not interested. Women can not.
Men can have sex. Women can not.
Men can have condoms no questions but a woman is questioned about birth control [which has other purposes besides preventing pregnancy.]

They're all gender stereotypes. What one gender can do so can the other, in my belief