Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Convicted police officer

Fuhrman’s critique of murder investigations is based on the credibility he has given himself from his years of employment by the Los Angeles Police Department. Yet he fails to mention any of the huge mistakes he made in his own crime scene investigations.

In one murder case, he was looking for a bullet and found what looked like a bullet hole in a door. He removed the door, dismantled it, then, after finding no bullet, threw the entire door and all its pieces into a dumpster, where, of course, it was lost forever to both the prosecution and the defense. Good police work, right?

I came to the conclusion that Fuhrman is a liar after I pulled his suit against the city of Los Angeles where he sued the city for disability claiming he was disabled from working as a LAPD officer because of the violent stress level of his job.

The court did not determine if Fuhrman was telling the truth but near the end of the case was this, “He is taking two college classes,… working out at a gym bodybuilding every day, dating a woman who is a professional bodybuilder and collecting disability.” Fuhrman’s claim was denied and he had to go back to work.

It looked to me like Fuhrman lied in his lawsuit, lied to get the city to continue to pay disability for the leisurely lifestyle he was so enjoying.

Fuhrman tried to scam the system and now he is trying to scam us.