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Female Bodybuilder Working Her SEXY Back



I was doing a search online on "female bodybuilding and steroid use" - and I saw some pictures of "women" so massively muscular and striated, and with so many male features that I could only say "Holy smokes!" (Actually, it was a little stronger than "holy smokes". I just don't want to put it here in this article. But the second word after "holy" started with an "s" - and, it certainly wasn't "smokes".)

What I Saw In Those Pictures of Extreme Female Bodybuilders

Not only was the musculature of these women huge and totally "macho-male", their facial features were totally altered as well: jutting "cave man-like" jaw bones, big bulging eyes, excessive wrinkles in the corner of the mouth, and an obvious "rawhide-like" male texture of skin.

What Are Other Physiological Changes in the Female Anatomy of Steroid-Induced Male Musculature

1. Their Voices Deepen - As much as they might want to mask it, their vocal cords change from melodious to baritone.

2. They Become Hirsute - They develop more body hair; facial, chest and back hair become more noticeable.

3. They Lose Their Female Body Odor - They lose that "soft sweet scent of a woman" and their skin begins to exude a characteristically musky male smell.

4. They Develop A Condition Called Clitoromegaly - This is the abnormal enlargement of the female clitoris - which, anatomically speaking in the embryonic stage, is seen as the analog to the male penis. In the case of steroid-induced male development, an otherwise normal female body can develop a clitoris the size of a thumb. (Surprise! Surprise! How scary is that! - or maybe not!)

5. Moodiness and Violent and/or Aggressive Behavior Is Common - These women suffer from what is commonly called "roid rages" which is one of the symptoms of excessive steroid use.

Now we come to the question and the point of this whole article. What is it that drives, leads or encourages a woman to take this path? This is my take on it.

What I Think Happens In The Minds of Female Bodybuilders on Steroids:

1. They Lose Touch With Reality - If you are surrounded by rhinoceroses, (a metaphor for whatever your peer group happens to be), you will feel that looking like a rhinoceros is normal.

2. They Get A Sense and Surge of Power of Believing to Be Equal to or Better Than A Male Physically - The idea of this superiority can be (mentally) intoxicating. Hey, look, the average testosterone-laden, anabolic steroid-induced female bodybuilder can easily bench press 250 lbs. - some can do more. Can you?

3. They Get An Extreme Feeling of Importance Through Misinterpreted Attention - Heads turn as they walk down the street - from both men and women. "Wow! Look at all of this attention I'm getting!" they think. "I must be important!" Well, if a person walks down the street with two heads, they'll get a lot of attention too - but I'm not sure that it is the kind of attention that you really want.

4. An Extremely Male Muscular Body (On A Female Frame) Can Get You Great Publicity - Extreme female bodybuilders can find themselves on stage, on TV spots and even in odd 5-second movie roles. This pseudo-celebrity is very exciting and can be psychologically addicting, especially if there is some monetary compensation attached to it that will help to continue and support their "careers" and chosen lifestyle.

Let Me Make Something Very Clear - (This Is My Point)

I am all for anyone selecting and following any path that they choose. And personally, I don't really care if extreme female bodybuilders use steroids, become "men" and want to continue the promotion and proliferation of their subculture. I feel that they have that right in a free society, and I would be of the first to fight for their right to continue if anyone tried to stop them. I only find it odd that extreme female bodybuilders have a hard time accepting that more than 90% of the people outside of their norm find them unfeminine and very unattractive. Let me ask you this. How many young girls do you think look at photos of massively muscular female bodybuilders, jump up an down and say, "Mommy, mommy, I want to look like that when I grow up!"

Huge Female Bodybuilder flexing her massive muscles and 19 inch biceps

female bodybuilder in great kung fu fight.

NPC Female Bodybuilder & IFPA Personal Trainer Justine Dohring Dumbbell ...

Female Bodybuilder

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I wanna fuck this lean skinny flexible bitch soooo bad it's kinda sad really

Female Bodybuilder - Autumn Raby - See my channel for more

I just got word from an inside source about Autumn, and yes, FBBguy is right. I have been trying to reach her and her husband (ex husband now) Greg, for well over a year now. I did two shoots with Autumn about two years ago, and a second, a year and a half ago. Our only completed dvd was called "Intimate II". She sure was fun to work with, it's a shame she is now officially off the scene.

When I first went up to shoot with her two years ago, it was right after she had gotten her pro card. I asked her why she could not travel to the USA, and she told several years ago, she was a stripper traveling throughout Canada and feature dancing in the USA. She apparently was in Florida, and her brother asked her to be a mule to transport back some Royal Hashish into Canada. She told me she got busted. I know nothing about drugs or hashish, so I asked her how much, and she told me about 100 pounds, which had a street value of over a million bucks. She had tried fervently to apply for waivers and such through the Canadian government, but it seemed that the cards were stacked against her after becoming a felon she would never be able to compete in the USA, which essentially killed her bodybuilding future. All of this information was featured in a documentary on her life about four years ago. It showed how her family completely betrayed her, and the only person in her life that supported her was Greg.

So, some of the bodybuilding girls in the USA that do g/g erotica traveled up to Vancouver and shot with her. My source revealed to me that she is, in fact, no longer training, and looks nothing like a bodybuilder any longer, and she is remarried and started a new business outside the adult industry. It appears that she has closed the bodybuilding and porn chapters in her life.

Autumn was a bright star that burned out fast--and bodybuilding enjoyed her amazing physique for only a brief period of time. Her physique really is the hallmark of where bodybuilding is going now, and she would have done very well as a pro had she been able to pursue her pro career. Her solo and g/g erotica had the whole "amateur" vibe about it, and she was brilliant in her work. I can remember how much fun it was shooting with her, and chilling on the set at various hotels having all night chats.

I hope she is happy, and from what I gather, she is. She will be missed amongst her peers and fans.

Amber DeLuca

Female Bodybuilder Angie Robertson pumps her biceps