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Massive black Female Bodybuilder huge pumped muscles


I do believe you just called Kim perez an it.

Did Ms.Perez go thru some kinda sex change recently OR something?

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Relationships & Dating in BBing community

Since singular womanlike bodybuilders have been not upon each travel corner, most group have had to go to online dating sites to encounter them. The complaint is which most group do not comprehend which there have been clear differences in between assembly singular womanlike bodybuilders in gyms as good as clubs contra assembly them online.

Here have been the couple of tips to assistance we write an online dating form which will enlarge the contingency of removing successful information exchnage started:

1) Look during the online dating universe as the “simulator.” In alternative words, your complete romantic standing should NOT rest upon either or not the sold robust lady writes behind to you. Test out opposite profiles, headlines, pictures, as good as print captions in sequence to establish what functions best.

2) Your idea when starting to an online dating site is to write the form which gets the auspicious reply. That is it! Anything some-more than which is terrific. Getting phone numbers, e-mails, meetings, as good as carrying the singular womanlike bodybuilder send we in isolation cinema is the bonus.

3) Make certain which we have the playful, smart tinge to your profile. A singular womanlike bodybuilder will embrace dozens of pretentious comments, unsolicited pictures, as good as requests for things which we substantially cannot even imagine! Give her the form which is fun, playful, as good as the singular which she wants to review again. You wish her to feel constrained to write we behind with the auspicious reply.

4) You contingency uncover her which we do not have the womanlike flesh fetish. You can conclude her athleticism, fortify as good as loyalty in the gym, as good as her career highlights (if she competes); though we contingency write the form indicating which we suffer these traits since we worth as good as apply oneself them rarely yourself. If we admire her present of dedication, write about your capability to be dedicated as good – preferably in the funny way.

Start with these tips, take the vigour off yourself, as good as recollect to operate these tips in your online dating form so which both we as good as any singular womanlike bodybuilder will conclude the destiny conversation.

Dating a female bodybuilder, figure or fitness competitor is perhaps unlike any other form of dating. Relationships with bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors are often fraught with issues especially when the opposing partner has no knowledge of what an all encompassing sport bodybuilding is. Men and women bodybuilders, or anyone who works out seriously even if they don't ever plan on competing, demonstrate different behaviours when it comes to dating or really anything in life. It is important for men to pay close attention to details when dating any woman who is in tune with their body when it comes to training, nutrition and the way they look and feel about themselves. When talking women who seriously work out, men should listen attentively and make sure they are genuinely responding to all the questions that the woman asks as women who train can generally sense fake answers.


By showing genuine interest, you are able to show the woman that you are not only having a good time with her, but also she will be more interested in you. The best way to show genuine interest is to pay close attention to what she says and asks as well as staying focused, calm, and have a great sense of humour. Many women appreciate a good sense of humour in a man. A woman who trains will appreciate a guy who trains too. You don't have to out muscle them, you do not need to compete, you do though need to share common goals.

Besides paying attention to your date’s details, you should also pay exceptional attention to your own behaviour. Demonstrating a great degree of self confidence and high self esteem will boost your attraction to your date. That definitely doesn’t mean show off and being arrogant, there are too many male bodybuilders with over inflated ego's - normally they are the ones with small muscles AND no girlfriends - but also you shouldn’t be so negative and down on yourself. You can demonstrate self confidence by allowing the conversation to flow and show a caring attitude while conversing. There needs to be a balance and having good self control will help find that right balance.

After exchanging messages through an online dating site, you now have to stand the ultimate test of meeting the date face to face. This is where your self esteem, self confidence, and listening skills will be tested. If you are confident, relaxed, calm, and express genuine interest in the conversation and what the woman is saying, you are sure to have a good time and attract your date even more.

Relationships where both partners compete can be stressful as the stresses and strains of dieting for a competition can be "challenging" - some people do though handle this - they are rare though. Always though look beyond the muscle, look at the person, develop a mental connection as this will last the test of time as the muscle sharpness fades. If you are planning on dating a female bodybuilder then the best ways to meet one is either at a gym, at a bodybuilding competition or via online dating - wherever you meet them though the basic guidelines above apply.

Female Bodybuilder Morphs

Brian Moss doesnt need his photos morphed this much

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Muscle Grrrl

Is that Rebecca Greaig?

Blogpaedia: Top 10 “gatas” mais musculosas do Extreme Bodybuil...

Blogpaedia: Top 10 “gatas” mais musculosas do Extreme Bodybuil...: Com a vulgarização do uso de bombas anabolizantes, houve o surgimentop de uma modalidade de fisiculturismo extremo que objetiva ultrapassar ...

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Bikini & Muscle Women - 2011 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro

This video is ruined with all of these bikini girl vid clips

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Martin Schoeller Discusses Female Bodybuilders exhibition at Hasted Hunt...

Few people can see behond the muscles and see the sacrifice that these women make for their chosen sport. Something that 99.9% of normal people will never understand. Keep up the good work.

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The last of the great FBBers

5 of the World’s Strongest Women!
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OK, so we just got done telling you about 5 of the world’s strongest men. One of the complaints that we know would be on the horizon is the presence of women bodybuilders. Yes, we know they exist. So yes, we’re going to give you another list filled with strong women.

The subject of women practicing the sport of bodybuilding is something that is challenged by a lot of people. There are quite a few people that feel that female bodybuilding destroys the feminine physique, but we strongly disagree. Even though it’s not a look that we would want to strive for, we have to admire the women that wield sheer discipline and determine to get to that look. It’s a lot of hard work, so much more so than with male bodybuilders. This is because women have less testosterone, which contributes to slower muscle gains. It takes a long time for women to put on muscle the way men do, but they definitely can do it — as you can tell from this list. It’s all about trusting in your own power to make things happen, and that means just going where life takes you. These women deserve our respect just as much as the male bodybuilders do.

So the next time your girlfriend picks up that barbell and you like the bodybuilder physique, you might find yourself her new cheerleader.

Or not. At least there’s this list to keep you company. In the doghouse, that is.

1. Irene Andersen

Irene Andersen is from Denmark, but this Danish star has been training for a long time and has competed in several competitions across the globe. She is considered one of the most successful out of all of the female bodybuilders, and that’s why she’s on top of this list.

2. Yolanda Hughes

Who knew going pro could look so good? Meet Yolanda Hughes, a woman that went into professional bodybuilding in 1992, and went on to dominate her field dramatically. Unlike other bodybuilders of her timeframe, she only competed in the Arnold or the Olympia. She never held any interest in competing in other shows. She was 164 lbs, which is impressive when you realize that her body is mostly made of muscle and not fat! Wow!

3. Rosemary Jennings

The definition that Rosemary Jennings was able to achieve is just stunning if you’re a true bodybuilding fan. Like Yolanda Hughes and Irene Andersen, she is hailed as one of the best female bodybuilders around.

4. Ana Claudia Pires

Hey, we’re multicultural around here — so make way for this stunning Brazilian female bodybuilder. She isn’t just a pretty face, either — Ms. Pires has won the championship in Rio de Janeiro 8 times, and has also won four times at the overall Brazilian championship. If that weren’t enough, she’s also taken the top spot twice at the South American level, and even finished 8th two times on the World Championship level. This is definitely a woman that proves that feminine beauty and raw power can combine in wonderful ways.

5. Nicole Bass

Who said that bodybuilding doesn’t open doors? Nicole Bass started out in bodybuilding, where she held her own. She is actually considered one of the largest female bodybuilders in the world. She took the top slot at the 1997 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, and has competed in Ms. Olympia contests as well.

Not just satisfied with bodybuilding, she branched out into pro wrestling on the independent circuit — where she is still to this day.

Are you happy now that we covered both men and women bodybuilders? Good — these are some pretty crazy people to go out there and work this hard to achieve such low body fat percentages, but we salute them anyway!

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Idea for a store:Pumped Parlor

Nutrition store open

A full-service nutrition, coaching and dietary supplement store has opened in Loves Park.

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is located at 6738 Broadcast Parkway, near North Perryville Road and other businesses like New Vybe Fitness Studio and Maciano’s Pizza.

The company was founded in 1991 by former NFL linebacker Joe Wells. Matt Rennerfeldt, a Rockford College graduate, is the franchise owner.

Rennerfeldt is originally from Nebraska, where he first visited a Max Muscle store. He said he’d been “jaded” by other supplement stores but found that Max Muscle had better offerings.

The store opened Oct. 14, and Rennerfeldt plans to open another store in Madison, Wis., and possibly more stores in the northern Illinois area. The next closest stores are located in the Quad Cities.

Rennerfeldt said Max Muscle’s nationwide client base is split pretty evenly between men and women. He said the store caters to everyone from hard-core bodybuilders and athletes to people who are new to the fitness and nutrition world.

The Loves Park store is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Rennerfeldt said he’s experimenting with Sunday hours in the beginning.

Visit maxmusclerockford.com or call the store at 815-683-6296 for more information.

It's Amazing that Women are to blame,...Again

School Board Officially Rules Out Body Building Competition
A representative from the competition asked the district to reconsider the superintendent's decision, but the board said the school will be closed all summer for renovation.
By Nathan McIntire Email the author October 27, 2011
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The school board effectively ruled out any outside activities this summer at Monrovia High School Wednesday, sealing the fate of a body building competition that organizers said was barred because an official didn't want "scantily clad women" associated with the school.

After a resident asked that the issue be placed on the agenda, the Monrovia Unified School Board of Education discussed the decision made by Superintendent Linda Wagner to reject the West Coast Classic Bodybuilding and Figure contest's application to use the school's auditorium for the competition.

District officials said Wednesday that school buildings will be closed for the entire summer break for renovations, adding that the closure had been discussed publicly as far back as August.

Several people questioned why the closure was not mentioned to contest organizers who toured the school in July and said they were told the site would be available for rent in June 2012.

"We were very optimistic after the visit to the auditorium," Karen Myers, an assistant to the promoter, said during the public comment portion of the meeting. "When we inquired about the construction going on on the campus at the time, we were assured that it would be completed by the time school began in September."

Myers said she submitted an application to use the facility on September 23. She received a call a few days later from Wagner, she said.

"She said that there had been a meeting and it was decided to decline our application because of quote, 'scantily clad women,' end quotation," Myers said. No other reason for the denial was given, according to Myers.

Local attorney Robert Link addressed the board and asked why the promoters were not told about the renovations and school closure during their tour.

"If this project of this magnitude was known and on the books, then when the WCC folks came in and toured the facility and were told the facility was going to be available for third parties, why wasn't it mentioned at that time?," Link asked. "I don't want to be needlessly cynical, but it strikes me as odd that that wasn't mentioned at that time."

Wagner did not address the alleged remark about female bodybuilders but said that she had no knowledge of a tour given to the promoters of the event and did not participate in any such tour.

"I’m actually just not sure how the tour took place," Wagner said.

Wagner said the district had been planning the renovations since it laid out its budget. The extensive renovations will take more than a month to complete and must begin right after school ends on June 9, district facilities manager Debbie Bland said.

Link then addressed the board again, asking why Wagner did not inform Myers of the renovations during the September phone call.

"A lot of this probably would have been avoided if Dr. Wagner's first contact had mentioned painting and sandblasting rather than scantily clad women," he said.

Myers asked the board to reconsider her company's application, but because the school has been deemed closed for the entirety of the summer, School Board President Ed Gililland said she would have to apply to use the facility on another day.

Following discussion of the contest's application, the board briefly discussed the policy in place that Wagner used when deciding to deny the competition access. She said that permissable uses of school facilities are essentially up to the discretion of the board.

Resident Cyrus Kemp spoke and suggested the school board outline acceptable and unacceptable uses for facilities. Wagner said she and school district attorneys would work to draft such language and bring it back to the board at its next meeting on Nov. 8, when the policy will be reviewed in depth.

Teenageer's Muscle Desire

Do any other teenagers find female bodybuilders/muscular women ...
I'm 15 and i absolutely love big buff muscle girls, wonder if anyone else my age ...

no bro, im 15 too and ur going down the wrong road ...

Female BodyBuilders (FBB) - My Gallery Photos

You know something?
For mainstream to complain that nobody likes this look on women,..
There seems to be alot of tribute vids made bout FBBers

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UKBFF Sunday 23rd October 2011 Female Bodybuilding Final

I wanna start my own Bodybuilding Federation

Huge Female Bodybuilder with truly huge muscles

That looks like Big Tinah or Tara Silzer,..i always get 2 of them confused

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Massive Female Bodybuilder gym workout

Massive Female Bodybuilder with 19 inch biceps

From this angle you can't see her ponytail
Thus making it look as if she has a short cut

Massive Female Bodybuilder posing and flexing her huge rock hard muscles

Who is this?!

Sexy Female Bodybuilder posing and flexing

I hate when people use the word bodybuilder when referring to fitness bithces

Muscular Development Breaks News to IFBB Pro Women


RE: Changes regarding qualifying for the Olympia

As a result of our recent IFBB Committee meeting that was held during the Olympia weekend,
I'm sure many of you have heard through the grapevine that there are going to be changes regarding the qualifying spots for the Olympia. Some of what you are hearing is untrue...here is the basic information that was voted on that will affect ALL IFBB ATHLETES AND ALL DIVISIONS.


Olympia - (3) Top three places qualify for the next Olympia.
Arnold - (3) Top three places qualify for the Olympia.
All Other Shows - (1) First place ONLY qualifies for the Olympia.

The goal is to only have around 12 or so competitors on stage for each division. If the desired number is not met due to the lack of shows for competitors to compete in, then a committee will issue a special invitation to the next most qualified competitor(s) to increase the number. (The number of times an athlete has competed at other shows and placed 2nd or 3rd will be weighed heavily)


1. So that the best 12 or so competitors in the world are standing on the Olympia stage.

2. So that all shows, other than the Arnold and the Olympia have a chance to get more of the top competitors in their line up. We are losing shows every year due to the lack of ticket sales and attendance.

3. Financial...The Olympia has been affected tremendously from so many competitors qualifying and the spiraling costs of paying for all these athletes takes its toll on the budget. It also has taken away some of the prestige of the having the best 12 or so competitors on the Olympia stage.


Four (4) weeks out from any given show, the athlete must have their contract signed
or they will pay a $200 fine that goes to the promoter and is not negotiable.


1. This will allow the promoter to use the list of athletes competing for advertising and publicity purposes.


There will be a $1,000 Fine paid to the promoter for any competitor who does not
show up for the Finals.

The athlete will not be allowed to compete again at any show until the fine is paid.


1. Not only is this poor sportsmanship, usually because the competitor didn't like the way the prejudging went, but in some cases it takes away the chances of another competitor getting to pose, and inconveniences the expediting of the event.

I hope this helps clarify the decisions that have been made, and I encourage each of you to check the official IFBB web site for complete details and information for the coming year of competitions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

FYI....Based on the great turnout of FBB in Hartford this year, Ed and I will be having FBB again in 2012.

Betty Pariso
Female BB Representative

Female Bodybuilding usually accepted

By : Greg Valantino
Submitted 2011-09-22 11:12:18

Female Bodybuiling pays off!

When you stand on stage, holding an inflexible "relaxed" pose and hear the announcer call your name as Champion within your very own Class or Winner in the Total Competition, it is often mighty sweet. You savor the second and end up forgetting all about what it took to have there.

Joe Weider and his brother Ben came to the sport to facilitate a much more specialized muscle-based bodybuilding education that had nothing to provide the well being and well being of an individual. Theirs was the muscle mass business. Larry Scott, the muscle legend, Sergio Oliva and Serge Nubret have been the stars of the 60's muscle mass decade.

Workout with variety; don't stay on identical jobs out regime each week. Instead transform the exercises and enable your system becoming launched to new workouts that will assist strengthen differing parts of them that require attention. By putting an assortment of workouts into your regime, your technique won't get as well employed to one regime to render it less efficient following a while.
Just request the IFBB. They may well inform you a tale of smudging achievement and infinite returns. Even so what do you know These had been the decades by which anabolic steroids came into the scene and ruled bodybuilding training. Anabolic steroids was reduced to a staple diet not merely in bodybuilding but also in others sports. Nevertheless, it was in bodybuilding that it lived like a legit foods regimen until the governments came for the rescue with plan enactments.Myth #3: "Bodybuilders aren't strong"Only individuals who have by no means ped proper into a gym make these kinds of silly statements. Strength varies greatly individual to individual of course, but several bodybuilders are really powerful with 800lb squats and 500lb bench presses not uncommon. I have seen men and women employing only pounds that needed being noticed to be believed: 600lb front squats for reps, incline bench presses with 500lbs for reps, and seated presses with 400lbs for reps, etc. No, not all bodybuilders are nearly that strong, on the other hand any bodybuilder significance his salt is nonetheless considerably stronger then the standard person. Certain bodybuilders compete in both power lifting and bodybuilding and often do well in both. Yes, a number of bodybuilders are not as robust as they look, but numerous are a lot stronger then they look, and some are crazy strong.

Now the following critical thing that wanted clarification is a single from the best time for you to take in this muscle building cocktail. His verify confirmed that ingesting this weightlifting nutrition cocktail prior to and straight away following each extreme bodybuilding workout confirmed a sure connection in between the timing of taking this drink and major muscle development. His review had various pattern communities take in the drink at varied time time frames all from the day.

Fascinating enough, the group taking the anabolic nutrition cocktail straightaway before, and right after an intense workout confirmed the very best power and muscle mass gain. Thus, is it safe to conclude it doesn't matter what type you take, however whenever you take it. The timing of taking the vitamins and minerals are essential to bodybuilding success.

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21 Questions with a Bodybuilder,...

21 Questions with Body Builder Candice Carr
Story Created: Sep 9, 2011 at 9:36 PM ECT
Story Updated: Sep 9, 2011 at 9:36 PM ECT
1. What quality do you like most in women?
Women who are confident and have a sense of purpose, set goals and have a vision
2. Your happiest moment?
My happiest moment was when I earned my professional bodybuilding title.
3. Your secret fear?
I do not have any secret fears as I believe that what I think about I bring about hence I do not entertain fears.
4. Which living person do you admire most?
My mother. She is compassionate and dedicated and she instilled those qualities in me. She taught me to believe in myself and always told me that I could accomplish anything I set out to do.
5. What quality do you value most in your friends both male and female?
The quality I value most in my friends is loyalty and truthfulness.
6. What is your greatest extravagance?
Sneakers and training wear.
7. The place you would like to visit before you die?
I would like to visit Dubai.
8. What is your favourite journey?
My preparation for the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships in Italy was my favourite journey. I had to be committed, disciplined and focused but it was worth it as I made it to the semi-finals.
9. What is the best advice you have to offer to people interested in joining your field?
Believe in yourself, stay focused, follow your dreams and do not listen to the naysayers!
10. What is your current state of mind?
Happy and reflective.
11. What is the trait you most deplore in others?
People who gossip and who harbour negative, critical and sabotaging thoughts.
12. What is your greatest joy?
Each day is a joy — as every day, in spite of the ups and downs, is a new beginning and an opportunity for improvement.
13. What is your biggest turn on in a man?
A man who is self assured but not egotistical and who treats others with respect and courtesy.
14. What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate chip cookies.
15. What is your lowest depth of misery?
Almost quitting bodybuilding after misrepresentations were publicly made about me but I am stronger for it now and should thank the parties responsible.
16. What is your pet peeve?
Loud talking on the cellphone and eating with your mouth open.
17. What do you get complimented most about?
My smile.
18. When was the last time you cried?
Last week watching a movie (not saying which one).
19. What was the first thing you did this morning?
The first thing I did this morning was to turn off my alarm and pray and thank God for another day of life and the many blessings I have received.
20. What do your consider your most cherished virtue?
My perseverance.
21. If you had one personal wish (which you alone can benefit from hence world peace etc not applicable)?
At this stage a sponsor to assist with offsetting the cost of contest preparation.
Personal highlights Candice Carr-Archer is a top notch bodybuilder. She works out five to six times a week, and has been an iron maiden for more than 20 years. Carr did Shokotan (martial arts) before entering the gym arena. All pumped and ready to take her next title, the local fitness queen is determined to etch her name in world bodybuilding history. With several titles under her belt (which embraces a well defined six-pack), the dedicated bodybuilder has dared to do what many deem impossible and unprecedented for a woman. Stereotypically a man's world, bodybuilding is not considered a lady's domain but Carr-Archer's achievements say otherwise. Carr-Archer is the second local woman after Neila Murray to turn pro, sealing this feat after she captured the overall Women's Bodybuilding title at the 37th Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships in St George's, Grenada in 2009. A three-time National Senior Women and Eastern Caribbean champion, Carr-Archer is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force.

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Two massive female bodybuilders go shopping and weak guys stare at them

What amusement park/boardwalk are Karen Garret & Aleesha Young at??

Thick Muscle - rock hard female bodybuilder

I'm super jealous of Rene Marven's husband

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Massive Female Bodybuilder VS. Average Male

Amber is 1 lesbian i can't stand for some reason

Good Cheats vs. Bad Cheats- Biceps Part 2 of 2- Clifta

Just dont see why Clifta wont put on more muscle mass.She was a bad-ass bodybuilder

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Oldschool female Bodybuilders

Can you pick out which FBBers that quit 2 become traitorous fitness bitches?

IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Aurelia Grozajova - 2011 FIBO

mixed wrestling introducing a female bodybuilder

my only complaint is a personal one.
After watching alot of UltimateSurrendercom
I'm a lil depressed this wrestling session doesnt end in sex

German Blond Female bodybuilder

I can't believe SKADI FREI SEIFERT deleted me as her friend on Facebook

Beautiful Female Bodybuilder

FBB Amber Defrancesco Flexing

Italian IFBB Female Bodybuilder

Giusy Caputo is a goddess

Training Workout Female Bodybuilding

Are these girls wasting their own time by not going to maximum potential?

Massive female monster bodybuilder 19 inch ripped veiny biceps

Who is this girl??

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot female bodybuilders - motivation

Somebody explain to me the love for Larissa
I just don't get!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Female Marine finds passion in bodybuilding - The Globe: Sports

Female Marine finds passion in bodybuilding - The Globe: Sports: Sgt. Yuri Astorga is not your typical Miami girl. She may be
from there, but mini-skirts, high heels and sunglasses that cover
half of her fac…

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christine, 32

What are some of the sexual benefits of becoming a bodybuilder?
There are heaps of benefits. Generally there are more men involved in the sport than women, so there is a good male/female ratio, which increases your chances of meeting guys. Most of the people you meet at the gym are in better shape and happier with their bodies, so they're more sexually confident. Muscle control is increased with weight training, which has huge benefits with being able to control orgasms.

What's the most undervalued muscle for sex?
Abdominal muscles, without a doubt. For women, being able to hold an isometric contraction can be critical to reaching an orgasm during sex.

What is the sexiest body part?
I'm a sucker for lean, vascular forearms.

What are some good ways of turning someone down after you've had sex with them once, and once was enough?
I'd give it another go and try to make it better. I've never been with anyone who was that bad. Maybe that's because I haven't been with a non-bodybuilder for so long. What does that say about bodybuilders and sex?

How do you tell your lover that he's never given you an orgasm?
A good friend and inspirational lover once said to me, "We are all responsible for our own orgasms." He was right. You work with your partner to achieve an orgasm; it's not something that is done to you.

My boyfriend is very close with an ex-girlfriend. He claims they're just friends, but I can't help being jealous. What should I do about it?
Accept that they're probably still more than just friends, and decide if you're willing to live with that. Ask yourself why he isn't still with her. Sometimes people fill different aspects of a person's life. You'll never be able to be all people to your partner, but that doesn't diminish your relationship. If you aren't willing to accept her as a part of his life — and I'm not saying you have to — then perhaps you should move on. It's hard to prevent someone from doing something they want, without it negatively impacting how they feel about you.

Any exercise videos that will get me in shape and in the mood?
Try watching my training video: Christine Envall — Superfreak.

Ray a.k.a. Stingray, 30

Is it ever okay to hook up with your trainer?
I typically try to maintain a strict business relationship with my female clients, although there have been a couple of "special" ones. There was this one girl that I trained last year. She once offered to undress so I could "check her fat." I didn't oblige. But soon enough, one thing led to another . . .

My girlfriend always wants me to go down on her. I hate doing it but want to please her. How can I learn to enjoy it?
Try putting your favorite scented lotion on the area. My favorite is a coconut scent by Victoria Secret. With it, I always get aroused and have fun eating away.

What do the following fitness routines say about a person's sexual characteristics:
- A woman who only takes yoga and pilates?
Sexually frustrated, likes gentle sex.

- A guy who goes on long runs alone?
Sexually frustrated, not getting enough.

- A female bodybuilder?
Definitely sexually frustrated! Not enough sex at home so she had to find peace at the gym.

Who isn't sexually frustrated in your book? What about the regulars at cardio striptease class?
They're not getting enough sex at home, and they like foreplay and watching pornos while having sex.

What workout gear could double as bedroom paraphernalia?
Have your partner lay down on a medicine ball with their legs spread open.

Juliette Bergmann, 46

Is there ever an instance when it' s okay to hook up with your trainer?
My trainer has been my partner for twenty years already. For me, clients are strictly business. When you are too "nice" with clients, you always get problems when you have to ask for your money.

My girlfriend always wants me to go down on her. I hate doing it. I want to please her, so how can I learn to enjoy it?
Well, is she going down on you? And if so, do you care if she likes it or not? If you really love her, you enjoy it because she enjoys it. You could also try eating raw herring or raw fish to get used to the taste.

What do the following fitness routines say about a person's sexual characteristics:
-A woman who only takes yoga and pilates?
She does it the way the magazines and books tell her to.

-A guy who goes on long runs alone?

-A female bodybuilder?
She's up for everything — no limits.

-The regulars at cardio striptease class?

My boyfriend is very close with an ex-girlfriend. He claims they're just friends, but I can't help being jealous. What should I do about it?
Get close with her, when he visits her, go with him. If it's just friendship, he'll have no problem with it. In fact, he'll love it.

Eryk, 34

What are some good ways of turning someone down after you've had sex with them once, and once was enough?
If the company is good but the sex is bad, don't make yourself so available next time. In other words, don't get into a situation where all there is to do is have sex. If it's something you're not proud about, period, don't call and don't take their phone calls. It's brutal, but mercy-fucking is not going to help them, and it certainly doesn't help you.

Are there any exercises I can get my boyfriend to do to improve his libido?
Performing "forced reps" are great for the libido. These are repetitions that require a spotter. That can be you. Having him aggressively squeeze out the last "forced reps" with your help will cause his body to kick out testosterone. Testosterone is directly related to sexual desire.

How do you tell your lover the following:
-Their body needs some serious toning?
Be proactive in your suggestions. Don't just tell them to work out. Go out there and work out with them. Be a team, because I'm sure there are things your partner doesn't like about you. Treat others, especially your lover, with the same respect and sensitivity you'd like to be treated with.

-Their oral sex technique needs improving?
Again, be proactive. I masturbate in front of my girlfriend because it turns her on and tells her where I am most sensitive. It turns me on when my girlfriend lets me know either with a moan or a verbal reply that I've done something to give her the tingles.

What are some good pick-up lines to use at the gym?
Would you mind if I shared your bench? Can you actually feel that movement? Can you show me what I am doing wrong? What competition are you getting ready for?

I like watching porn, especially right before sex. The girl I'm dating considers it cheating. How can I get her into it?
She feels threatened because it makes her feel inadequate. Do you give her regular compliments about how sexy she is? Try to dispel her fears and reassure her. Talk to her about how it turns you on to fantasize about the two of you performing the sex acts seen in the video.

What workout gear could double as bedroom paraphernalia?
An inclinable weight bench is all you need. Although I enjoy wearing a jockstrap in the bedroom, because it shows off my ass. n°

Interviews by Liza Gennatiempo.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

by Ed Forgotson Jr. and Laurie Stone


THE SETUP: A few weeks ago, Ed Forgotson Jr. and Laurie Stone attended the opening of "Picturing the Modern Amazon," an exhibition on female bodybuilders, at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City (catalog available from Rizzoli). They watched, rapt, as a few of the women featured in the exhibit, like Andrulla Blanchette and Christa Bauch, glistened and flexed in the museum's street-level windows, attracting a large crowd of passersby.This week in Two on One, Forgotson, a New York-based documentary producer, and Stone, theater critic for The Nation, exchange thoughts on femininity, body image and the world's buffest women.

LAURIE STONE: I was attracted to the show because I'm interested in extreme behaviors, the ways people defy traditional limits and boundaries. Lisa Lyon was probably the first woman bodybuilder I've ever seen, in the Mapplethorpe photos. She blew me away. She was beautiful, and she made female muscle — and the image of strength it represented — very sexy. What attracted you to the show?

ED FORGOTSON: My motivations for seeing the women bodybuilders exhibit are pretty base. I think women's muscles are sexy. I'm not so much of an ass-man or a breast-man as I am a glutes-man, pecs-man, biceps-man. Ever since I was about twelve, I've been turned on by the look of sleek, oiled and sinewy women's bodies. Just when the old hormones started kicking in, I saw these fantastic women (on an episode of Real People), and now I get a rush of pleasure every time I see one squeeze out a pose. What were your impressions?

STONE: The space was crowded and I couldn't see much in the window, but I looked at the women walking around in the museum, at their near nakedness and the way they dealt with being stared at — very easily. They liked it, were used to it. It strikes me that that much muscle is a kind of clothing. The muscles are what they wear, a kind of armor. Nakedness doesn't make them seem vulnerable, as it would a person who is soft and has parts that are pendulous. It was exciting to see them up close, because they are so willed and strange, women who have made themselves look indistinguishable not only from men but the strongest, most muscular men. These bodies — whether you look at them as social statements, or performance art about the body, or sculptural forms — were so much more compelling than any of the art on the walls, though I did enjoy the archival pictures of strong women from the past as well as the cartoons and fantasy images. As to the erotic attraction you have to women's muscles, is the blurring of sex-identities part of the turn-on?

FORGOTSON: It depends on what you mean by "blurring the sex identities." All too often, people dismiss female bodybuilders as being little more than men in drag. Now there are some cases where it's fair to play Austin Powers — "that's a man, man!" But for the most part, that's just a cheap shot. In my eyes, there is something very feminine about these women precisely because of their muscles, not in spite of them. Maybe it's because I don't define "femininity" by a woman's weakness, passivity or conformity. When a woman becomes very muscular, it reflects a certain boldness of spirit. The women bodybuilders I fell for back in the early 80's were only about as muscular as today's beach volleyball players or aerobics models — and they seemed huge back then. Now look at the famous shot of Brandi Chastain: she's pretty buff. And that's pretty much mainstream now.

STONE: It's a different proposition to be attracted to a buff volleyball player and an enormous female bodybuilder. All the women at the museum as well as those depicted in the photographs blur the boundaries between what a man and what a woman look like. They change the way we view bodies in general. It used to be that muscles and weight-lifting were thought of as unfeminine — and threatening to masculinity — whereas now we have gotten used to thinking of women's muscles as sexy. That blurring is scary to some people, because it says that gender images aren't fixed or natural but fabricated. When I think about having sex with a muscular man, part of the appeal of his body is the visible symbol of strength. I find it exciting and reassuring to think that my aggression can be contained by this person. I won't be able to overwhelm him. I wonder if you feel that with strong women. I think with an artist like Robert Crumb, who is open about his hostility toward women, the hypermuscular women he draws are so big and strong that nothing he imagines doing to them can cause much harm. I wonder if, for some men, the hypermuscular woman is a safe ground on which to enact feelings of violence. It's interesting that you say the muscles arouse tenderness in you. Does it have anything to do with enjoying the notion of surrendering to someone who is very strong?

FORGOTSON: Do I like muscles because they make it safe to enact violence against women? No, that's Crumb's own fantasy, although I'd guess from the violence expressed in a lot of the art in the show, he's not alone. For me, a woman's muscles display her ability to absorb and dish out sex. Rough sex can have a degree of violence to it, but it's more about letting yourself go wild. Frailty puts limits on how far you can go. Having power over your own body ultimately translates into having power over your sexuality. If you extend that line of reasoning, a powerful body is a sexy body — male or female. Plus, yes, I'll admit I've got an attraction for a woman who could do as she pleases with me.

STONE: What strikes me about both hypermuscular men and women is that the entire body seems to represent a sexual organ: it's engorged and veiny and pared down to pure meat without fat — a penis, in a sense. I enjoy thinking of my own leanness and hardness — to the degree I have these qualities — as something insertive. The body can cut through crowds.

FORGOTSON: As I'm sure you know, the clitoris gets its own little erection too . . .

STONE: I don't find hypermuscular bodies of either sex especially sexy. I think for both sexes huge muscles obscure secondary sexual characteristics. Women lose their breasts because they don't have enough body fat. Men's penises look small in relationship to their thighs and chests. In the cartoons, there is very little sex. Mostly the figures battle, or strut, or pose. We don't see sex organs. There's very little humor either. I liked Marnie Weber's collage "The Competition," because I thought it was funny. It shows all these humongous women striking bodybuilding poses on jagged rocks. They have on animal heads, and in the audience little furry bunnies are watching. The piece expresses what I feel about the radical reshaping of women's bodies, that it gives rise to all sorts of fantasies. To me, hypermuscular bodies not only suggest sex organs, they seem to be presenting the insides of the body worn on the outside — the fact that we see sinew and all the outlines of the body as if skin and fat have been flayed away. I think there's a blending of flesh and the inanimate, too, in that the figures strive to resemble marble statues or suggest a fusing of flesh and machine, cyborgs of sorts — especially in some of the cartoons. Or a blending of animal and human. That's where I think these bodies are sexiest, in that they seem beastlike, libidinal, expressing something powerful and maybe dangerous. In her catalog essay for the show, bodybuilder Natalie Gassel talks about the excitement of feeling "swollen with blood" and imagining subduing her lovers as willing prey. She likes the idea of carrying around a slender, compliant male. Maybe this connects to your fantasy of mating with an Amazon.

FORGOTSON: "A slender, compliant male" — hmmm. Now this is getting interesting. But it's not merely the sexual experience I crave. On an intellectual level, submitting to an Amazon actually represents the surrender of my mind to her body. The ancients always attributed all the bestial aspects of humanity to women, and when you're a modern man, confronted with a woman whose body is so big and powerful, it's an overload of sensation and symbolism — from a real person standing in front of you. So if the Amazon represents both a regressive (primitive animal body) image as well as a progressive (liberated intelligent woman) image, what can you make of her? The collage "The Competition" is a great expression of the bewilderment I feel. So much of the art responds to the Amazon by mocking, attacking or submitting to her. None of these responses is particularly satisfying. I'm drawn rather to the images that are less loaded with meaning, the ones in which the muscularity surprises you, such as the rear view of Kay Baxter. You see her skirt blown by the wind, and at first she looks like a little coquette. But then you notice that her calves are bulging out and her sun dress is draped over those powerful shoulders.

STONE: I like looking at my own muscles. I build muscle for aesthetic reasons, though I've also become stronger by lifting weights. As far as my own autoerotic fantasies go, though, I'm excited by the idea of my body as a woman's body, as opposed to a man's body or an androgyne. I'm small and slender. I was interested in Laurie Fierstein's body because she is short and yet she has pumped herself into a block of muscle. Some drag kings I've met have encouraged me to cross-dress — adopt the facial hair, the body language and so on — and try passing as male. I'm not attracted to the trip. I tell myself it's because I have more power in the world as a small sexy woman than as a small, slender male. But I don't think this is the reason: I like looking female, but I also like my butch qualities, like swaggering and tough-mindedness. Still, if I had the time to devote to my body that bodybuilders do, I would like to have larger muscles, muscles that might even repulse some people. The image of a hard exterior makes me feel less like a soft, undefined thing that can spill over with needs. Even so, with men, I'm much more likely to win with my brains than my body.

FORGOTSON: Brains always win over brawn! Again, it's a female bodybuilder's mind that's really interesting. Amazons aren't born, after all, they're made. They're exercising a terrific will over their bodies. But for what? Certainly not the money or the popular acclaim — because there seems to be very little of either. I assume that part of their motivation is to be sexually desirable.

STONE: Judging from the interviews in the catalog, their motivations and fantasies are quite varied. I think your wish that they want to make themselves into sex machines is charming, but I doubt it's the deepest desire in all of the women. As we've both pointed out, many don't seem to be interested in sex but rather the mirror and the spectators. I think sexiness comes from looking like you want to be touched. These women express something closer to "look but don't touch," the message we get in museums. Have you ever had sex with a very muscular woman?

FORGOTSON: No. I guess they don't hang out in the same bars as I do.

STONE: What do you fantasize it would be like?

FORGOTSON: I'd like to see if I could pleasure one of these women to the point where her strength melted away, and then watch her build herself back up and throw all her power into our sexual exchange.

I knew one woman who competed in bodybuilding contests, and I remember that she was afraid that if a man were to have sex with her while she was dieting for contests, he might feel he was sleeping with a man. It was almost comic that such an imposing woman was prey to such a simple insecurity. But these women are terribly concerned with the reaction they get from others. Why else would they get up on stage and pose? Why else would they flaunt their muscles? Throughout the evening at the New Museum, a huge crowd — all men — stood on the sidewalk outside, pressed up against the glass, and the female bodybuilders posing and preening inside knew we were all there to see them.

"Picturing the Modern Amazon" will be shown at the New Museum through June 25. Museum window performances will be repeated on May 20 and 27 and June 3. Call the New Museum at 212-219-1222 or visit its website for more information.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Truth from Teneshia

"Some women get into bodybuilding because they think it’s glamorous and cool. There’s nothing glamorous about it. People will think you’re ugly and unfeminine. You are guaranteed to be harassed (sometimes) on a daily basis by insecure men, both in and outside of the weight room. People will be afraid of you. If you ever turn pro, you’ll earn 10% of what the men earn. Women won’t want to be like you because strong women [still] aren’t sexy and desirable. The experience of women in the world of strength is entirely alienating and lonely— unless you count the adoring eyes of the schmoes, who’ll pay $39.99 a month to watch you flex and bounce your pecs on web cam.
Why, then, would I choose to live like this?
Because being praised for femininity, beauty, sexiness and desirability according to today’s standards will NEVER feel as good as it does to feel strong.
Teneshia’s journal.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why is female bodybuilding allowed?

I find it disgusting and unnatural. Has our society become this morally ill that anything goes? Violence is the norm, being better than everyone is better too. Not only does it look yucky, but it seems like it is mostly about ego. I’m not letting males off the hook any because some of them use steroids, but all the female bodybuilders do. It is impossible to have that much testosterone to build muscles.
It looks pretty sick to me. It looks like they have manly jaws, and muscles in women are lean while they are bulky in men. Women cannot get that look without taking stuff. It is absolutely impossible due to not having enough testosterone. If you’re talking about ones who claim they’re natural, they do that to dodge getting banned.
Yes, I want to ban it Laura. I reflect it sends a terrible develop to other people. And the tests just aren’t reliable, and they aren’t done as regularly as you reflect. I know people involved in that diligence and they say everyone uses them, but most will lie about it. It is factually impossible with the hormones. I don’t know why the scientifically challenged can’t see that.
yeah, I reflect steroids should be banned, but also creatine and protein supplements. They make doable what is unnatural. Just because they legal doesn’t mean they are excellent.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tazzie Colomb in the 90s Rare Interview & Posing

I remember Carla Dunlap saying back in the mid-1980s that FBBs were perfect for bisexual guys because they were women with the level of muscularity usually only associated with men.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma

BONITA SPRINGS, FL-Deputies arrest a female body builder who goes by the name "Miss Sparkle" during a prostitution sting.
They say it's part of a continuing effort to crack down on what many don't realize is a dangerous crime.

Miss Sparkle, otherwise known as Rhonda Lee Quaresma is a bodybuilder from Toronto, and according to her website, a business woman.
Deputies say she's taken on another role recently in Lee County, as a prostitute.
They say, "Miss Sparkle" was arrested after she offered to perform a sex act on an undercover deputy. A crime Lt. Chris Reeves with the vice-narcotics unit calls a big problem for many reasons.

Lt. Reeves says, "Bonita springs is one of the areas we get a lot of calls from, people's husbands, daughters, wives that are not working the streets that have to walk to get groceries are getting solicited for sex from these Johns that are roaming the area.

So to try to cut down on what Reeves calls dangerous behavior, the sheriff's office turns both to the streets, massage parlors, and online to websites which feature ads for escorts.

He says, "People think it's a victimless crime, however when they are taking HIV, hepatitis home to their spouses or their significant others, that's a big crisis."

Reeves says some of the prostitutes are victims of human trafficking.

"A lot of them are beaten and abused. A lot of these are young girls that have gotten hooked on drugs,"

A far cry from the glamorous or "sparkly" lifestyle some portray.

Read more: http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2011-03-10/Female-bodybuilder-arrested-in-prostitution-sting#ixzz1IDuf6bQ2


Can't wait
I love Kris!

JANA LINKE-SIPPL www.rippedprincess.com

Her boxing skills are just atrocious but yet i can't help but wanna fuck her

Sunday, February 27, 2011

619Muscle.com - BACK DAY - March 10, 2010

Normally i don't mention any guys on this blog ,...oh well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gold's Gym Oakland - Kortney Olson FBB Workout (Call Her KO)

I wanna pound her punk rock,goth-dyke ass into the ground with my dick!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tina Chandler: Road to the ASC


ath244 Mixed Wrestling with female bodybuilder Jana Linke-Sippl


Saturday, February 19, 2011

muscular female bodybuilder pumping arms (good friend of mine)

Too bad she's gay.

Her girlfriend had Megan up&move to Alabama

When she lived in Louisiana Megan had a boyfriend

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Of Women Muscle

These women are the best women.

Women at the Arnold Classic 2006 from GMV BODYBUILDING

i bet if women bodybuilders kept doing their gymnastic exercises i bet we could get rid of Fitness bitches

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A pornstar speaks:

Vanessa del Rio: "Yes. It’s funny, I made a few goals for myself that I accomplished. There was a time when I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I had seen a picture of Rachel McClish, a bodybuilder from the late 70s, early 80s when women’s bodybuilding was a big thing. And Rachel McClish was gorgeous. I saw a picture of her in a magazine and I went, “Whoa, look at that!” I had never seen anything like it. Anything prior to that, women bodybuilders looked like wrestlers with tits. They were very mannish. They didn’t wear makeup and they just had that real butch kind of thing. She was just very feminine. I got into bodybuilding for about eight years. Anything you really put your mind to you can do."

Monday, January 31, 2011

Lisa Cross Television Clip

Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross on a segment of British television show A League of Their Own
We laugh at Fbbers hard work i guess

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rage trailer


Danish Woman Bodybuilder- Helle Nielsen

Dating a Female Bodybuilder

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Women in Wrestling

Is this for sell?!

Female Bodybuilder Akila Pervis Backstage

She must be a lightweight

HBO_Special (Female Bodybuilding) Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel

BodyBrandiMae says:
January 18, 2011 at 6:05 pm
@ Lowrey – I have actually talked with some people about that same concept; however, this is a very competitive, self-centered driven sport..simply put there is not an ounce of unity within this sport! It is what it is, either we accept it or don’t be involved.

Lowrey88 says:
January 18, 2011 at 6:38 pm
Has anyone ever thought about creating a bodybuilders union or possibly holding a players strike?

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Want To Be a Bodybuilder

Why marrying other bodybuilders is key

12 Campaign Slogans for Ragin' Meg Whitman...(Doug's Dozen #55)

I not sure but i do believe that he's calling Meg whitman,...a man,baby!

MMA teaser

Gotta learn some moves if this beast is to be tamed

MMA 200 lb bag 27Dec10part2

"Mind you, this is the same day as the video previously posted. As soon as I get the footage, I will post part 3 from this same day.

My coach is Mike Lujan and my training partner is Donny Flowers. Donny has a fight in Las Vegas on Jan 6. Best of luck Donny.

I am super grizzled!! But, I am not ashamed to show you that side of training. Enjoy!!" ~Becca Swanson

MMA 200 lb bag 27Dec10

"This is me getting my ass handed to me in practice at Paragon Jui Jitsu. We do 3 minute rounds and one minute rest… if we are lucky. Sometimes we don’t get to rest, we get to do push-ups or burpies. My goodness, at this rate, I will be a lean, mean machine sooooooonnnnn!!

I will post part two very soon!!" ~Becca Swanson

becca swanson part 1.m4v

I soooo wanna get next 2 her
Maybe pound her ass into submission.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rage trailer

I do love lesbians