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Massive black Female Bodybuilder huge pumped muscles


I do believe you just called Kim perez an it.

Did Ms.Perez go thru some kinda sex change recently OR something?

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Relationships & Dating in BBing community

Since singular womanlike bodybuilders have been not upon each travel corner, most group have had to go to online dating sites to encounter them. The complaint is which most group do not comprehend which there have been clear differences in between assembly singular womanlike bodybuilders in gyms as good as clubs contra assembly them online.

Here have been the couple of tips to assistance we write an online dating form which will enlarge the contingency of removing successful information exchnage started:

1) Look during the online dating universe as the “simulator.” In alternative words, your complete romantic standing should NOT rest upon either or not the sold robust lady writes behind to you. Test out opposite profiles, headlines, pictures, as good as print captions in sequence to establish what functions best.

2) Your idea when starting to an online dating site is to write the form which gets the auspicious reply. That is it! Anything some-more than which is terrific. Getting phone numbers, e-mails, meetings, as good as carrying the singular womanlike bodybuilder send we in isolation cinema is the bonus.

3) Make certain which we have the playful, smart tinge to your profile. A singular womanlike bodybuilder will embrace dozens of pretentious comments, unsolicited pictures, as good as requests for things which we substantially cannot even imagine! Give her the form which is fun, playful, as good as the singular which she wants to review again. You wish her to feel constrained to write we behind with the auspicious reply.

4) You contingency uncover her which we do not have the womanlike flesh fetish. You can conclude her athleticism, fortify as good as loyalty in the gym, as good as her career highlights (if she competes); though we contingency write the form indicating which we suffer these traits since we worth as good as apply oneself them rarely yourself. If we admire her present of dedication, write about your capability to be dedicated as good – preferably in the funny way.

Start with these tips, take the vigour off yourself, as good as recollect to operate these tips in your online dating form so which both we as good as any singular womanlike bodybuilder will conclude the destiny conversation.

Dating a female bodybuilder, figure or fitness competitor is perhaps unlike any other form of dating. Relationships with bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors are often fraught with issues especially when the opposing partner has no knowledge of what an all encompassing sport bodybuilding is. Men and women bodybuilders, or anyone who works out seriously even if they don't ever plan on competing, demonstrate different behaviours when it comes to dating or really anything in life. It is important for men to pay close attention to details when dating any woman who is in tune with their body when it comes to training, nutrition and the way they look and feel about themselves. When talking women who seriously work out, men should listen attentively and make sure they are genuinely responding to all the questions that the woman asks as women who train can generally sense fake answers.


By showing genuine interest, you are able to show the woman that you are not only having a good time with her, but also she will be more interested in you. The best way to show genuine interest is to pay close attention to what she says and asks as well as staying focused, calm, and have a great sense of humour. Many women appreciate a good sense of humour in a man. A woman who trains will appreciate a guy who trains too. You don't have to out muscle them, you do not need to compete, you do though need to share common goals.

Besides paying attention to your date’s details, you should also pay exceptional attention to your own behaviour. Demonstrating a great degree of self confidence and high self esteem will boost your attraction to your date. That definitely doesn’t mean show off and being arrogant, there are too many male bodybuilders with over inflated ego's - normally they are the ones with small muscles AND no girlfriends - but also you shouldn’t be so negative and down on yourself. You can demonstrate self confidence by allowing the conversation to flow and show a caring attitude while conversing. There needs to be a balance and having good self control will help find that right balance.

After exchanging messages through an online dating site, you now have to stand the ultimate test of meeting the date face to face. This is where your self esteem, self confidence, and listening skills will be tested. If you are confident, relaxed, calm, and express genuine interest in the conversation and what the woman is saying, you are sure to have a good time and attract your date even more.

Relationships where both partners compete can be stressful as the stresses and strains of dieting for a competition can be "challenging" - some people do though handle this - they are rare though. Always though look beyond the muscle, look at the person, develop a mental connection as this will last the test of time as the muscle sharpness fades. If you are planning on dating a female bodybuilder then the best ways to meet one is either at a gym, at a bodybuilding competition or via online dating - wherever you meet them though the basic guidelines above apply.

Female Bodybuilder Morphs

Brian Moss doesnt need his photos morphed this much

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Muscle Grrrl

Is that Rebecca Greaig?

Blogpaedia: Top 10 “gatas” mais musculosas do Extreme Bodybuil...

Blogpaedia: Top 10 “gatas” mais musculosas do Extreme Bodybuil...: Com a vulgarização do uso de bombas anabolizantes, houve o surgimentop de uma modalidade de fisiculturismo extremo que objetiva ultrapassar ...

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Bikini & Muscle Women - 2011 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro

This video is ruined with all of these bikini girl vid clips

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Martin Schoeller Discusses Female Bodybuilders exhibition at Hasted Hunt...

Few people can see behond the muscles and see the sacrifice that these women make for their chosen sport. Something that 99.9% of normal people will never understand. Keep up the good work.

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The last of the great FBBers

5 of the World’s Strongest Women!
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OK, so we just got done telling you about 5 of the world’s strongest men. One of the complaints that we know would be on the horizon is the presence of women bodybuilders. Yes, we know they exist. So yes, we’re going to give you another list filled with strong women.

The subject of women practicing the sport of bodybuilding is something that is challenged by a lot of people. There are quite a few people that feel that female bodybuilding destroys the feminine physique, but we strongly disagree. Even though it’s not a look that we would want to strive for, we have to admire the women that wield sheer discipline and determine to get to that look. It’s a lot of hard work, so much more so than with male bodybuilders. This is because women have less testosterone, which contributes to slower muscle gains. It takes a long time for women to put on muscle the way men do, but they definitely can do it — as you can tell from this list. It’s all about trusting in your own power to make things happen, and that means just going where life takes you. These women deserve our respect just as much as the male bodybuilders do.

So the next time your girlfriend picks up that barbell and you like the bodybuilder physique, you might find yourself her new cheerleader.

Or not. At least there’s this list to keep you company. In the doghouse, that is.

1. Irene Andersen

Irene Andersen is from Denmark, but this Danish star has been training for a long time and has competed in several competitions across the globe. She is considered one of the most successful out of all of the female bodybuilders, and that’s why she’s on top of this list.

2. Yolanda Hughes

Who knew going pro could look so good? Meet Yolanda Hughes, a woman that went into professional bodybuilding in 1992, and went on to dominate her field dramatically. Unlike other bodybuilders of her timeframe, she only competed in the Arnold or the Olympia. She never held any interest in competing in other shows. She was 164 lbs, which is impressive when you realize that her body is mostly made of muscle and not fat! Wow!

3. Rosemary Jennings

The definition that Rosemary Jennings was able to achieve is just stunning if you’re a true bodybuilding fan. Like Yolanda Hughes and Irene Andersen, she is hailed as one of the best female bodybuilders around.

4. Ana Claudia Pires

Hey, we’re multicultural around here — so make way for this stunning Brazilian female bodybuilder. She isn’t just a pretty face, either — Ms. Pires has won the championship in Rio de Janeiro 8 times, and has also won four times at the overall Brazilian championship. If that weren’t enough, she’s also taken the top spot twice at the South American level, and even finished 8th two times on the World Championship level. This is definitely a woman that proves that feminine beauty and raw power can combine in wonderful ways.

5. Nicole Bass

Who said that bodybuilding doesn’t open doors? Nicole Bass started out in bodybuilding, where she held her own. She is actually considered one of the largest female bodybuilders in the world. She took the top slot at the 1997 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, and has competed in Ms. Olympia contests as well.

Not just satisfied with bodybuilding, she branched out into pro wrestling on the independent circuit — where she is still to this day.

Are you happy now that we covered both men and women bodybuilders? Good — these are some pretty crazy people to go out there and work this hard to achieve such low body fat percentages, but we salute them anyway!

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Idea for a store:Pumped Parlor

Nutrition store open

A full-service nutrition, coaching and dietary supplement store has opened in Loves Park.

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is located at 6738 Broadcast Parkway, near North Perryville Road and other businesses like New Vybe Fitness Studio and Maciano’s Pizza.

The company was founded in 1991 by former NFL linebacker Joe Wells. Matt Rennerfeldt, a Rockford College graduate, is the franchise owner.

Rennerfeldt is originally from Nebraska, where he first visited a Max Muscle store. He said he’d been “jaded” by other supplement stores but found that Max Muscle had better offerings.

The store opened Oct. 14, and Rennerfeldt plans to open another store in Madison, Wis., and possibly more stores in the northern Illinois area. The next closest stores are located in the Quad Cities.

Rennerfeldt said Max Muscle’s nationwide client base is split pretty evenly between men and women. He said the store caters to everyone from hard-core bodybuilders and athletes to people who are new to the fitness and nutrition world.

The Loves Park store is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Rennerfeldt said he’s experimenting with Sunday hours in the beginning.

Visit maxmusclerockford.com or call the store at 815-683-6296 for more information.

It's Amazing that Women are to blame,...Again

School Board Officially Rules Out Body Building Competition
A representative from the competition asked the district to reconsider the superintendent's decision, but the board said the school will be closed all summer for renovation.
By Nathan McIntire Email the author October 27, 2011
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The school board effectively ruled out any outside activities this summer at Monrovia High School Wednesday, sealing the fate of a body building competition that organizers said was barred because an official didn't want "scantily clad women" associated with the school.

After a resident asked that the issue be placed on the agenda, the Monrovia Unified School Board of Education discussed the decision made by Superintendent Linda Wagner to reject the West Coast Classic Bodybuilding and Figure contest's application to use the school's auditorium for the competition.

District officials said Wednesday that school buildings will be closed for the entire summer break for renovations, adding that the closure had been discussed publicly as far back as August.

Several people questioned why the closure was not mentioned to contest organizers who toured the school in July and said they were told the site would be available for rent in June 2012.

"We were very optimistic after the visit to the auditorium," Karen Myers, an assistant to the promoter, said during the public comment portion of the meeting. "When we inquired about the construction going on on the campus at the time, we were assured that it would be completed by the time school began in September."

Myers said she submitted an application to use the facility on September 23. She received a call a few days later from Wagner, she said.

"She said that there had been a meeting and it was decided to decline our application because of quote, 'scantily clad women,' end quotation," Myers said. No other reason for the denial was given, according to Myers.

Local attorney Robert Link addressed the board and asked why the promoters were not told about the renovations and school closure during their tour.

"If this project of this magnitude was known and on the books, then when the WCC folks came in and toured the facility and were told the facility was going to be available for third parties, why wasn't it mentioned at that time?," Link asked. "I don't want to be needlessly cynical, but it strikes me as odd that that wasn't mentioned at that time."

Wagner did not address the alleged remark about female bodybuilders but said that she had no knowledge of a tour given to the promoters of the event and did not participate in any such tour.

"I’m actually just not sure how the tour took place," Wagner said.

Wagner said the district had been planning the renovations since it laid out its budget. The extensive renovations will take more than a month to complete and must begin right after school ends on June 9, district facilities manager Debbie Bland said.

Link then addressed the board again, asking why Wagner did not inform Myers of the renovations during the September phone call.

"A lot of this probably would have been avoided if Dr. Wagner's first contact had mentioned painting and sandblasting rather than scantily clad women," he said.

Myers asked the board to reconsider her company's application, but because the school has been deemed closed for the entirety of the summer, School Board President Ed Gililland said she would have to apply to use the facility on another day.

Following discussion of the contest's application, the board briefly discussed the policy in place that Wagner used when deciding to deny the competition access. She said that permissable uses of school facilities are essentially up to the discretion of the board.

Resident Cyrus Kemp spoke and suggested the school board outline acceptable and unacceptable uses for facilities. Wagner said she and school district attorneys would work to draft such language and bring it back to the board at its next meeting on Nov. 8, when the policy will be reviewed in depth.

Teenageer's Muscle Desire

Do any other teenagers find female bodybuilders/muscular women ...
I'm 15 and i absolutely love big buff muscle girls, wonder if anyone else my age ...

no bro, im 15 too and ur going down the wrong road ...

Female BodyBuilders (FBB) - My Gallery Photos

You know something?
For mainstream to complain that nobody likes this look on women,..
There seems to be alot of tribute vids made bout FBBers

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UKBFF Sunday 23rd October 2011 Female Bodybuilding Final

I wanna start my own Bodybuilding Federation

Huge Female Bodybuilder with truly huge muscles

That looks like Big Tinah or Tara Silzer,..i always get 2 of them confused