Saturday, May 28, 2016

CELEBRITY Bodybuilding Judges

After speaking with several FBBers&reading numerous responses to how Women's BBing contests are being treated It might be time for a new strategy for the muscle industry so I got an idea that perhaps a judge needs to be added to the panel He/She will represent the mainstream public opinion under 1 stipulation : they care about bodybuilding Example: Carrot Top,Joe Rogan,Danny Bonaduce,Joe Piscopo,Triple H,Melle Mel,George Lynch;etc,..

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BOXing workout advice from a coach

1} WARM UP: Stretch for 15 minutes 2} JUMP ROPE: Ten minutes without a break = 30 mins of jogging 3} HEAVY BAG: Three minute rounds 3x with One minute rests inbetween Shift your weight from right foot TO left foot&back Punch through target,not at it 4} SPEED BAG Ten minutes,...NO break!!! [the speed bag is frustrating @ 1st. Take Your Time. 5} SIT-UPS Four sets of 25 [hold a 25lbs.plate on your chest.Once It Gets Easier] 6} JUMP ROPE Five minutes [the best warm down you can do] Hold a dumbbell at your side with a palms-up grip&bend forward at the hips until your torso is about 45*degree to the floor Keep your lower back flat Row the weight as high as possible while driving your elbows back This position emphasizes your biceps,not your back unlike a regular row Perform 2-4 sets consisting of 12 reps