Sunday, June 26, 2011

Truth from Teneshia

"Some women get into bodybuilding because they think it’s glamorous and cool. There’s nothing glamorous about it. People will think you’re ugly and unfeminine. You are guaranteed to be harassed (sometimes) on a daily basis by insecure men, both in and outside of the weight room. People will be afraid of you. If you ever turn pro, you’ll earn 10% of what the men earn. Women won’t want to be like you because strong women [still] aren’t sexy and desirable. The experience of women in the world of strength is entirely alienating and lonely— unless you count the adoring eyes of the schmoes, who’ll pay $39.99 a month to watch you flex and bounce your pecs on web cam.
Why, then, would I choose to live like this?
Because being praised for femininity, beauty, sexiness and desirability according to today’s standards will NEVER feel as good as it does to feel strong.
Teneshia’s journal.