Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How Mainstream Society Feels bout Muscle Girls {THANX PHOTOSHOP!}

Apparently female bodybuilders are Beast Women Live In Fear! 13 : Every time she flexes a shockwave erupts out destroying all in its path! Plenty Of Clothes! 12 : I guess when you have a ton of muscles you no longer have a use for real clothes! The Sexy Skull Crusher! 11 : Who knew she could be so sexy and so terrifying all at the same time! What Are You Lookin’ At?! 10 : If this beast had any higher blood pressure her blood vessels would explode from her chest! We have noted the projected destruction that occurs when this beast warrior gets angry! An Army Of Giants! 9 : Never before seen image if these rare creatures in the wild! Coed Nightmare 8 : Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the dorm hallway late at night..>! Body Fat…What Body Fat!? 7 : Seriously, does this girl have skin or is that her actual muscle we are looking at? Monster Chest 6 : I could not get that big if I tried Ripped Granny 5 : Dang that granny has some guns! Buns Of Steel 4 : If there ever was a girl could probably crush walnuts with that thing! Supersized! 3 : I think her arms might be as big as her legs! How is that possible! Arnold Woman 2 : I don’t understand how this can be a woman’s body! Earthquake Arms 1 : Just when you thought it was safe to go on the internet! We have put together 13 of the most jaw-dropping, colossal, jumbo mammoth-women the world has ever seen! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience these amazing women! Above: Don’t make her mad, she might rip your leg off!