Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma

BONITA SPRINGS, FL-Deputies arrest a female body builder who goes by the name "Miss Sparkle" during a prostitution sting.
They say it's part of a continuing effort to crack down on what many don't realize is a dangerous crime.

Miss Sparkle, otherwise known as Rhonda Lee Quaresma is a bodybuilder from Toronto, and according to her website, a business woman.
Deputies say she's taken on another role recently in Lee County, as a prostitute.
They say, "Miss Sparkle" was arrested after she offered to perform a sex act on an undercover deputy. A crime Lt. Chris Reeves with the vice-narcotics unit calls a big problem for many reasons.

Lt. Reeves says, "Bonita springs is one of the areas we get a lot of calls from, people's husbands, daughters, wives that are not working the streets that have to walk to get groceries are getting solicited for sex from these Johns that are roaming the area.

So to try to cut down on what Reeves calls dangerous behavior, the sheriff's office turns both to the streets, massage parlors, and online to websites which feature ads for escorts.

He says, "People think it's a victimless crime, however when they are taking HIV, hepatitis home to their spouses or their significant others, that's a big crisis."

Reeves says some of the prostitutes are victims of human trafficking.

"A lot of them are beaten and abused. A lot of these are young girls that have gotten hooked on drugs,"

A far cry from the glamorous or "sparkly" lifestyle some portray.

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