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women bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, ronnie coleman

All Ronnie all the time
No females to be found
Basically Ronnie hasn't been cool since he stopped fucking Vickie Gates


Thank god her sleeperhold isn't really locked in.

Massive Muscle Woman Cindy Blaze, Michigan FBB Champion

Does she look a lil bit like Curt Henning to you?

Yaxeni Oriquen

Gotta find a spanishor brazilian FBBer as wife


is this Cindy Phillips?

good gaddamighty !

Good God Almighty!!
I wanna make Tami my bitch.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strong Women V

This would be a perfect slideshow if not for all the Fitness bitches.

Maggie vs Tabby Female Wrestling Catfight Headscissors

What a gyp!
These gals are hot but sooo not FBBers

woman bodybuilding, female fights, female biceps, bodybuilder

Haley McNeff looks just like Megan Fox on steroids.

maria rita bello interview and flexing

I need to go south of the border.
Make a run 4 da border as Taco Hell commercials useta say.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Master Demon - End Fight

Hmm,...need to find this on dvd somewhere.Maybe online

Kay Baxter Posing With Vince Gironda

All the greats die young

Friday, March 19, 2010

Female Bodybuilder photo shoot

I wonder if this has become available yet.

Vik Nixon


i support all bodybuilder endeavors

Massive Female Bodybuilder

Fitness bitches need morphing bad.
Really bad.

Italian Female Bodybuilder Mixed Armwrestling

As much as i despise arm-wrestling.I would so fuck this girl.

Megan Avalon on women's bodybuilding, steroids and fitness

Megan Avalon talks about women's bodybuilding, steroids and fitness. She's a model and personal trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Megan has competed in female bodybuilding contests and is a spokesperson for

80's women bodybuilding

Where is Penny Price now?
Also i hated mixed pairs unless the rountine cums to a finale of sexual intercourse

Melissa Satta Bodypainting, SI Swimsuit 2010

This is what all bodybuilders need to wear

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Female Bodybuilder BodyFitness Martina Hornakova-Namespetrova

Isn't bodyfitness just fitness?

Ericca Kern squat heavy

Wanted to marry this lady when i was a kid

Monday, March 15, 2010

Письмошная - Качки

Not sure what's funny bout any of this b/c it's Russian.
Gonna guess poking fun at BBers.

Christine Envall - Tri Whey by International Protein

Holy Crap,...she's alive.

Female Bodybuilder Mixed Wrestling Sexy Beast FBB Headscissors

ya know something...if the fight doesnt lead to sex then you dont do it.

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's difficult to find material on Stacy Garonzik


Hmm...what 2 think,...what 2 think?


Danielle Hollenshade has done a movie.
Such great steps for skinny girls everywhere

Build Muscle w/Anita Ramsey

I want to get tone!
By Anita Ramsey CSCS, CFT, CSN – Personal site, online training, etc… – High Altitude Sport Training, Fit Camps, etc… – Sponsored Athlete, Supplements, Articles, etc…
I Want to Tone!

At least once a day I get asked the same thing. “How do I tone up?” And, may I add, with the same cliché; “but I don’t want to get big and bulky!” You would think in the 21st Century we’ve grown up a little bit. Well, I think not. This is probably one of the most absurd comments I hear from women. But, why do women say these ridiculous statements? One major cause could be the wonderful way the media outlets have illustrated bodybuilding and weight training in general.
Comments that refer to “getting bulky,” “putting on too much muscle,” and “I want to stay feminine,” need to be eliminated from our vocabulary. Almost everyone in every gym, now I said almost everyone, TV infomercials, and even fitness magazines give false and sometimes even bad information to women about weight training. The mumbo-jumbo ideas and advice given to women regarding weight training are, for the most part, archaic and pretty much taken from the 18th century. Does this ignorance make you angry? There are many misconceptions about female weight training and how we, as women, should weight train, eat, supplement and even go as far as how we should look! Still, to this date we, even other women, tell women that we should be soft, weak, and “”feminine.” So, I’m not “feminine because I lift Heavy weights and have a 15.5-inch arm? I’m sorry but pumping Iron for women is perfect for shaping and sculpting any physique to fashion great aesthetics and definition.
We have thousands of women entering gyms and lifting those little pink and purple hand weights that weigh all of what 3-pounds. Why? The average woman’s purse weighs around 10 pounds. Do you have children? A newborn in that carry case can weigh as much as 25 plus pounds. I see these same girls do way too much cardio and at the same time they’re gaining more fat and wonder why they are not loosing any weight or inches. Often, women who see me in the gym immediately approach me and ask how they should eat or how do they get legs like mine. Of course they don’t like my answer and sometimes there are even those that don’t ask me because they’re intimidated by my own style of training (I lift heavy and intense).
It doesn’t matter that I have the six-pack they want or the legs and butt they desire, they would rather continue being soft then build muscle. To help you understand me better and where I’m coming from here is a little background. I seriously started lifting weights for competitive bodybuilding reasons almost fifteen years ago. I am a NPC national level competitive bodybuilder who also does sanctioned bench press meets and is ranked top ten in the world in two weight classes. Yep, I know what you are saying – I don’t want to do that. No kidding, Buckwheat. This is what I do, but my training isn’t that far from what you should all be doing. What I am going to try and relay in this article is education – plain and simple – you all need to be educated and brought up to the current century that we are living in.
I am going to talk to you as if I am training you. OK, here we go. My word is Almighty! You have to trust me. Now let’s get started. What should be the first step into creating a more complete understanding on what style of training should be for women? That’s easy Ladies. Train hard and train heavy. You have to add resistance to your muscles so they get that shape you want. Stop doing reps of 10 on the leg press and instead do reps of 20. But first, take those 10-pound plates off and put a pair of 45’s on that leg press. Get your trainer to stop helping you on each and every rep. You can do it by yourself. When you feel like you can’t squeeze out any more reps, then do two more! Also, the old school rep schemes that 10 is for muscle size, and higher reps of 15-20 will get you cut, and 100’s are even better for getting you that “cut” look. Well, let me tell you, my husband is 280 pounds and can do 100 reps on the leg press with over 600 pounds, and with other exercises he’s done the 100-rep scheme. Ladies, he’s far from being “cut.” Sorry, but in all reality reps have nothing to do with getting “cut.” I’ll challenge anyone on that. Do-not let anyone tell you different.
Now this is the next stage in training: proper dietary habits. Diet and Nutrition or what ever you want to call it, it’s still the same; it’s about getting good eating habits. Most of you eat less. A very bad choice. Starving yourself is NOT the answer or eating LARGE amounts of carbs with LOW Fat foods is not the answer either. The latter way of eating will only make you fat, and I’m talking “Bulky” fat with an increase in your waistline, butt and hips. Everyone should eat five to six small meals a day with at least 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and then add just enough cardio to trim the fat off to show those muscles. So about 3-5 days of 30-45 minutes each. Yes, add that much protein to your diet. Eat throughout the day with the appropriate foods for energy as well as protein for the build up and repair of muscle tissue. The combination of moderate cardiovascular activity with eating five to six meals a day will turn you into a fat burning machine. Muscle increases your metabolism and that burns fat. It’s that easy.
Something more you all need to know and that is the truth about the gym. The gym is our domain as much as it is any man’s and training in the gym is all about ATTITUDE ladies. Do you think Rachel McLish cared what the men in the gym thought about her training next to them? Do you think she was afraid to lift heavy? From what she offered on each Bally’s commercial I don’t think so. She understood what she needed to do to get that shapely hard body and that was to lift heavy, get intense and sweat. For those who are already members of a facility or are looking to get started in a gym and you’re not getting anywhere with your current training you “must get hardcore.” Yes, I said hardcore. Get your butt out of that ladies only section of the gym or a women’s only facility. Self-esteem and confidence can only be accomplished with hardcore training. The primary goal for most big chain fitness centers is membership sales – Not fitness! When a large fitness center has a membership of 2000 members and a staff of 15 personal trainers, how much one on one instruction do the members receive? Very little, if any. This is why the success rate is so low in the average fitness center. Most people join gyms to make significant physical changes. Fitness Centers overemphasize entertainment and fun. Most fitness centers distract members with multiple televisions, wall to wall mirrors, and too many windows. This type of environment directs focus outward. Physical training requires internal focus. You need to be aware of your inner universe. Success is almost impossible for the majority of health club members. This is a sad fact.
Trust me on all this, and remember, you will not become a competitive bodybuilder or get “bulky” just from lifting heavy weights. I’ve been lifting hard and heavy for over fifteen years and when I say hard and heavy I’m talking lifting as much if not more then most men so if it were that easy, to get big and bulky like most of you think, I would be 300 pounds of rock hard muscle.
Now if you are going to ask a “certified” personal trainer about training and if they reference the above bogus stuff we just talked about then walk away from them fast – they cannot and will not help you. If you do not have someone to help you in your gym, then do what I did when I started lifting. I bought Arnolds Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding and another great book is SuperVixen by Negreta Jayde. There are also some very good online sites where you can get advice and even training. Personally I have clients that I train online all over the world, so this may be another avenue you may want to check into. Ladies understand this, its all bodybuilding, however you look at it – it’s building muscle! Still don’t believe me? Then you will never get what you want because bodybuilding is fundamentally building and shaping the body, which is just what you all want. To get those curves and the hard body you want, first you need to lift weights, weights that will stress your muscles, diet right, and then add some cardio. And take it from me, the bodybuilder; your legs, arms and mid section are only going to get tight by hitting the weights hard and heavy with an intense hard core attitude. The bottom line is this, physical change can only occur in focused environments with like minded individuals with similar goals. To quote a very wise person, “Go hard or go home!”

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Female Bodybuilding Mix

in MIX vids why is there always crappy muzik

Massive Female Bodybuilder

Muscle morphs on FBBers are stupid.
Why not on Fitness chix instead.

Female Bodybuilder Nursel Gurler

Where is Nursel Gurler now

Female bodybuilder wrestling thief

That's Cathy Aublin!!
Really,...Come on,REALLY?

Megan Avalon on women's bodybuilding, steroids and fitness

Megan Avalon surprising is Republican

have you ever noticed that it's always the Fitness Chix starting shit?

he female bodybuilder as a gender outlaw
This is an interesting article that some of you may be interested in reading. It's not brief, but worthwhile. Please read the full article linked below and discuss.

The female bodybuilder as a gender outlaw

Authors: Chris Shilling; Tanya Bunsell

Affiliation: School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

DOI: 10.1080/19398440902909009

Publication Frequency: 3 issues per year

Published in: journal Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, Volume 1, Issue 2 July 2009 , pages 141 - 159


This paper is a sociological exploration of the female bodybuilder as a 'gender outlaw', a figure who is stigmatised not because she has broken a formal law, but because she has disregarded so flagrantly dominant understandings of what is aesthetically, kinaesthetically and phenomenologically acceptable within the gendered order of social interaction. Illustrating our argument with reference to a two-year ethnographic study of British female bodybuilders, we begin by explicating the contours of this deviance - associating it with multiple transgressions manifest in terms of choice, aesthetics, action/experience and consumption - and explore the costs accruing to these stigmatised women. In the second half of the paper, we attend to the motivations and experiences of female bodybuilders themselves in explaining why they remain engaged in an activity rendered perverse by dominant gendered norms. Exploring their commitment to an interaction order based upon muscle rather than gender, our conclusion suggests these women offend the most fundamental 'collective sentiments', possessing no authorised place in the cultural consciousness of society.

Keywords: female bodybuilding; the body; gender outlaws; the 'interaction order'; ethnography

Vopod link

I think LORI BRAUN is calling me a shmoo

Diagnosis of female muscle obsession

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2010 AT 11:41
1. Whenever you accidentally bump into a woman, you instinctively feel her biceps.

2. You always manage to find the scene in a movie where the woman is pumped and dominant and watch that scene over and over again.

3. You'll always find the one woman in a crowded room who is bigger and stronger than all of the others.

4. You have at least ten female muscle sites book marked on your computer.

5. You download photos of hard ripped female athletes.

6. In the gym you can spot a woman with big biceps within three seconds or less.

7. You know the names of at least fifteen current female athletes.

8. You have the phone number memorized of your favorite muscle phone line.

9. You get shy and flustered whenever a muscular woman simply says hello or acknowledges you.

10. You always wonder if a certain female is stronger than you are pound for pound.

11. You relish the thought of arm wrestling that muscular female next door.

12. You often fantasize about being pinned or put in a headlock.

13. When you join a gym, you always want the biggest female trainer to be your personal trainer.

14. You own female wrestling DVD's and have memorized clips from TV or movies of tough women in action.

15. You look in alternative newspapers, magazines and online for women who wrestle in your area.

16. You've gone as far as calling one of them.

17. You know every magazine on the newsstand dedicated to muscular women.

18. You dislike the Victoria's Secret Catalog.

19. You (at times) deny the fact that you are a female muscle fanatic.

20. You wonder whether every woman you meet has strong biceps.

Lori Braun

Female Bodybuilder Mixed Wrestling Headscissors FBB Katrina

Normally i dont like mixed wrestling
but i do love me some lesbians
Truly broke my heart when Megan Abshire came out

female with muscles

I need to go back to college

female wrestling on the bed - mount position

Not what i expected but it'll do

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Christene Envall Flexing

OMG,...soo make her my bitch

Christene Envall: Posing

I've always wanted to pound her ass

Sexy Woman Female Bodybuilder -

Whatever happened to Beate Drabing

Iris Kyle - Ms. Olympia and Ms. International

Now this is perfection.

becuz PROMOTING REAL WOMEN didn't have any pics

Liza "Herculiza" Hoen Reichenberger Interview
Liza Reichenberger is one of my favorite people in the fitness industry. Both in bodybuilding and life she has accomplished so much and you just know she isn't even close to done. In bodybuilding she is one of the best posers you will ever see, has an obvious amazing physique, and has worked hard to be one of the best at what she does. In life, she has had ups and downs, but has conquered and become a great person. Liza is someone who should be and is a role model to people. Call her Liza or Heruliza, but to me make sure to call her an inspiration. So it is my honor to post this interview and help Liza let people know the amazing woman she is.

Q: Liza I want to thank you so much for doing this. I am a fan, so this is very exciting to me.
A: Thank you, Jason for taking the time to put this interview together!

Q: Can you start out by telling a little bit about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: I was born in Montreal, Quebec while my father was finishing his PhD at McGill. He moved the family to Tripoli, Libya when I was 2.5. My father was a geologist and did oil exploration, so we lived there for many years. We essentially fled the country in 1970, after the revolution. Muammar Khaddafi overthrew the government (grasping King Idris) and it wasnt really safe for non-arabs then. My parents are European (Dad Dutch, Mom a blend of Scottish and Welsh) and I had always gone to
British school. My first experience in the US was Bakersfield, CA in 1970...and I hated it. A little tomboy with a father who enjoyed collecting exotic animals, I had a VERY hard time acclimating. Teased mercilessly, I made a pact with myself at age
10 to NEVER be cruel to anyone because they were different. The residents of that farm / oil town were ignorant, and to them, I was like an alien. It took me 3 years to lose my British accent and grow out my hair. I decided maybe being a girl wasnt so awful after all as I entered puberty. Attending the prom with the quarterback of the high school football team, I was just starting to finally fit in...5 years after we arrived there, my father suddenly got a great new job in Oklahoma City. I was 15 I was horrified! Not again!! We moved there in 1975 and I enjoyed a brief period of popularity due to being the "new girl from California". I even made the high school pom-pom squad as a sophomore, and dated the captain of the tennis team. It didnt last, though... Unfortunately, my high grades and interests outside school (reading, keeping snakes and lizards as pets) made me officially nerdy and I didnt enjoy popularity and the attention of boys again until I was a freshman at Baylor University. My parents wanted me to be pre-med...and I wanted to party! My friends included a Texas pageant beauty and a country and western singer, the wild daughter of a popular Texas televangelist.With awful grades, my parents brought me back to Oklahoma, thinking sorority rush with my younger sister would head me in the right direction, little realizing the constant party atmosphere, and a whole new collection of wild and fun friends.I was thrown out of that honored institution (not OU, the sorority...Kappa Kappa Gamma) for not completing my pledge duties. Apparently playing frisbee in army pants and a bandanna, with beer cans in my pockets and a cigarette in my mouth was not ideal Kappa behavior:)
I started lifting weights in 1980, after winning several armwrestling contests in bars (just genetics, folks!) for cases of beer and piddly prize-money. I was dating an OU football player at the time, and he thought I should bodybuild, showed me pictures of the legendary Rachel McLish, who had just won the 1980 Olympia.

Q: Before you started bodybuilding, were you an especially active or athletic person? Play any sports or anything?
A: I was athletic...always. Built like a locomotive, I used to cry when I saw my rear in the bathroom mirror because of my wide shoulders and V-tapered back. I was afraid I looked like a boy. Other than straightforward genetics, I also spent a few years on the swim team (Bakersfield) and danced ballet and jazz from six to about 14 years of age. I was a very active kid, climbing trees and sandstone cliffs at the beach in Libya and rode my bike everywhere in Bakersfield, building forts and catching reptiles and amphibians. Once I even pulled a jackrabbit out of it's hole in the desert! It scratched the hell out of me, but I wouldnt let go. (I have always been very determined, and I was determined that day to show my prize to my dad!)

Q: What led you to the gym to begin with?
A: I was taken to the Oklahoma "Field House" (gym) by a football boyfriend, who thought I should lift as well...cause I was naturally strong! I still have an armwrestling trophy from 1980...before I ever lifted a dumbell. I'd work out in between partying and occasional class parents cut me off in 1982, cause I had a "C" average, and my IQ had been tested considerably higher than that. They were frustrated (with GOOD reason) with my poor performance. Forget about it! At THAT time, I had seen Conan the Barbarian, and had found my calling. I wanted to compete in bodybuilding just long enough to get action-adventure movie roles, like he did. I had a HUGE crush on Arnold back then, and, truly believed I could do a better job as "Valeria"...well, she got killed off... and he stopped making Conan movies after 1984. Too bad!

Q: Was training something you picked up pretty easy? How long before you started to see results?
A: I saw results immediately. You know, I did a photoshoot for a Playboy photographer ("Girls of the Southwest Conference") while at Baylor and had bulging triceps before STARTING lifting! No, I didnt pose for Playboy...ever....but I WAS tempted a couple of times.

Q: You are clearly a very beautiful woman. Does that ever make training complicated? People trying to talk to you and things like that?
A: Even while I was single, I didnt like talking to guys while working out. I have worked out with boyfriends and husbands over the years but there's not much chat between sets. When single, or alone in the gym, I always wear an IPOD and look focused. Also, a HUGE cubic zirconia on my left fourth finger always proved to be a useful 'playa' detractant. On several occasions, especially when out of my home town, I have pretended not to understand English. (I speak reasonable French, well, enough to fool any non-Franc)

Q: What made you decide to compete for the first time?
A: Rachel McLish. I wanted to achieve that. Ms. O. Shoot, when Cory came along (totally my body-type) that cemented it! I dont know who I admired most then...Cory...or Arnold.I have always had an intense desire to be a celebrity in my own right. Yes, what I wanted most was to do film (action, not adult!) but it just didnt work out. I was on the wrong side of the country, and the more fit I got, the more I was shot down! No steroids, nice high, clear voice, no facial hair or grapefruit traps...and they said I was waaaay too muscular!? "Lose 20 pounds of that mass and smooth out those lumps, and we'll think about it" (1990) I had won some titles, like Arnold, but that did nothing for my potential acting career. I LOVED lifting, and liked winning contests, but I was not in bodybuilding for bodybuilding's sake.

Q: Was your first competition what you expected, did anything surprise you?
A: My first show was an exercise in total terror. Up until that very moment, I had no idea I had stage fright! Ballet performances were completely different. There werent people critiquing your half-naked body! I drank about 4 glasses of wine backstage (Arnold always said wine helped:) and wobbled through my routine to the 'Surfin' safaris' song, "Wipe-Out" in a striped bikini, smooth as butter, not a single cut...what a joke. That was 1985.

Q: Was competing something your family and friends supported at the time, and how about now?
A: Friends didnt like it, cause it took me away from the party I got new friends. My family had been through so much already, and when they saw some of the gorillas I was dating, it put them over the edge. I started going for guys that looked like long-haired muscular barbarians, and my first husband bore a striking resemblance to Arnold. He had a roving eye, so that marriage didnt last long. (Note to self: NEVER MARRY A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!) Men who look like that dont have the kind of jobs my parents thought respectful, and a couple of them were outright criminals. They worried that my bodybuilding attracted the wrong sort of guy, and they were probably right to some degree. I wish my family had come to some of my shows though. I have been competing for 25 years, on and off, and they have been to one or two. That's it. I think they are proud now that I am stable, have a medical degree and a great husband...and that I am STILL winning:)

Q: Can you share your contest history.
A: This might be tough, but let's see....
* NPC Boomer Classic--3rd (Norman,Oklahoma)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Indian Nations--4th (Norman,Oklahoma)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Mr and Ms Muscle Beach--2nd (Galveston, TX)--as Liza Hoen
* Mr and Ms Brazoria County--overall champion (Freeport,TX)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Sunshine Classic--4th (Houston, TX)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Austin Gold's Classic--overall champion (Austin, TX)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Texas--3rd heavy (Austin, TX)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Palm City Championships--overall champion (Fort Myers, FL)--as Liza LeRibeus
* NPC JR Florida Championships--overall champion (St Petersburg, FL)--as Liza LeRibeus
* NPC Florida Championships--8th heavy (Miami, FL)--as Liza LeRibeus
* NPC Southern States--heavyweight champion (Miami, FL)--as Liza LeRibeus
* NPC Nationals--9th heavy (Pittsburg, PA?)--as Liza Hoen
* Women's Extravaganza Strength show--4th in leg press, last in everything else! (Clifton, NJ)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Florida--4th heavy (Miami, FL)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC USA--11th heavy (Raleigh, NC?)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Sunshine States--overall champion (Jacksonville, FL?)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Junior USA--6th heavy (Myrtle Beach, SC?)--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Nationals--(didnt make top 15) ..Orlando, FL--as Liza Hoen
* NPC Collegiate Nationals--overall champion (Raleigh, NC) --as Liza Hoen
* NPC Atlantic USA--overall champion, best abs, best poser (Atlanta,GA)--as Liza Larence
* NPC Georgia--heavyweight champion (Athens, GA)--as Liza Larence
* Musclemania Dixie--overall champion (Atlanta, GA)--as Liza Larence
* INBF Southern Natural--overall champion (pro card WNBF)--as Liza Larence
* Musclemania World championships--overall champion (Anaheim, CA)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF Pro American--runner-up (Austin, TX)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF World Championships--heavyweight champion (NYC,NY)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF Universe--runner-up (Grand Cayman)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF Pro International--heavyweight champion (Kansas City, KS)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF Universe--overall (Grand Cayman)--as Liza Larence
* WNBF US Cup--heavyweight champion, DQ (Sacramento, CA)--as Liza Reichenberger
* IFPA World championship (Yorton Cup)--3rd heavy (Bowie, MD)--as Liza Reichenberger

Q: What do you feel is your best bodypart, or the one that gets the most compliments?
A: My shoulders, arms, and ABS:)

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train?
A: My most satisfying workout is far!

Q: When people see your physique what is the most common response? More negative or positive?
A: Most people admire my level of conditioning...I get pretty ripped. I havent had any negativity (to my face, anyway!)

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question you are sick of hearing?
A: Surprisingly enough, I still get asked if I work out...??? So tired of this question, I say "yes, I play a little tennis!"

Q: Can you talk about the WNBF US Cup? Maybe clear the air, clear rumors, and tell the real story?
A: I would be happy to. Jim Evans did a decent job in his article in "The Examiner Online," titled: "The Mighty Herculiza Dethroned but not Defeated"...Unfortunately I was the victim of a medical boo-boo on my part, and a "zero-tolerance" policy on the
part of the WNBF. In July I had a small surgical procedure called "fibroid embolization" where a radiologist inserted a catheter in my femoral artery and injected tiny plastic pellets into my uterine arteries to choke them off. Why?? Well, I was symptomatic from a common problem many women have, uterine fibroids. They are benign muscular tumors in the uterine lining that can get quite large, causing constant bleeding, anemia, pressure on one's bladder, and pain. They also can cause one to have a "pot belly" due to the mass effect. My primary care MD wanted me to have a hysterectomy, but I was getting ready for the US Cup and chose the less invasive procedure. The only possible side effect I had to worry about was premature menopause. EXACTLY 2 weeks after the procedure in late July, I began having horrendous hot flashes (your face burns up and turns bright red) and night severe that my poor husband thought I had peed in our bed!! Along with dieting, cardio, training, was too much. I didnt DARE take an estrogen pill, and resorted to a vaginal cream I had used in the past after the birth of my son. For some reason, I had post-partum menopausal symptoms for a few months that resolved...I knew it had female hormones, but didnt realize this compounded (unlabeled) goop had testosterone in it as well. I was wearing it (literally globbed on) when I peed in a cup at the contest and contaminated my urine sample...clueless. A few days later I got a call from Charlie Carollo (CEO) saying I was suspended until further notice, and that my US Cup title was to be stripped from me. I got immediate bloodwork, which was all negative, and both my Ob-Gyn in CA and my OB-Gyn in GA wrote letters to explain that there was NO way the amount in the preparation was performance enhancing, that it was made for WOMEN. Didnt matter though. Negative bloodwork, letters, medical proof, including passing the polygraph at the show (!) werent enough in thiscase...the WNBF booted me. Luckily the IFPA saw that the WNBF's "loss" was their gain, and gladly accepted me into the ranks of their pros...I got to compete in the Yorton Cup near DC, on the SAME day as the WNBF Worlds I had planned to attend!! I was emotionally exhausted, maybe a little stringy and flat....but I placed 3rd... It was a decent enough start, after a HORRIFIC end to my WNBF career, and a happy end to the 2009 season.

Q: Are there any misconceptions about female bodybuilders, or things you wish people knew?
A: ....that I can beat everybody up, merely because I have muscles. Too funny! I am a HUGE UFC and MMA fan, and it's always the most muscular guys that gas first. If there's a woman who's going to kick your ass, it ISNT going to be the bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders are not in great cardio shape:)....dieting, walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike (even for hours)at contest time does not a fighter make!!

Q: If someone said to you "women should not be that muscular", how do you respond?
A: Get a LIFE!!!!

Q: Is someone told you they wanted to start bodybuilding, what is the one piece of advice you would want to give them?
A: Dont use drugs! Though that sounds somewhat hypocritical given my demise from the WNBF, I am still a nattie and think like one:)

Q: Do you do any personal training, if so, how can people contact you?
A: I dont do that anymore, not since the 90's...but I am practicing orthopaedics, so I can assist anyone in the South Bay area with their musculoskeletal complaints. I diagnose and treat a variety of pain producing disorders, and specialize in fixing and rehabbing people with chronic back and neck problems, osteoarthritis, and all the rotator cuff and tendinitis problems out there. Our website is and office phone number is (650) 361-8718. We are located in Redwood City, CA.

Q: Do you have any favorite competitors or people you admire?
A: I believe I mentioned a few above, but I would also like to include Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell. I admire John McCain (and ALL war heroes, all men and women in uniform, period) and I also like Sarah Palin. She's a bit overboard with the organized religion stuff, but she's tough as nails, honest, and knows how to use a gun:)

Q: Can you share your normal training routine and diet, and how it is altered for contest prep?
A: I train each bodypart once a week, even during contest prep, and ALWAYS do cardio first! I prefer the elliptical, on a high resistance, say level 12 or 13, for 45 min to an hour BEFORE I lift! Getting ripped naturally is hard work. I am a high protein, low fat, modest carb type of dieter.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: Pizza

Q: Outside of training, any other hobbies or activites you enjoy?
A: Scuba diving, traveling, whitewater rafting, snowskiing, hiking, camping, tidepooling, making jewelry, painting, cooking, reading...

Q: Describe a typical day in the life of Liza Hoen Riechenberger
A: After seeing my husband and son off to work and school, I get ready for work...make rounds at the hospital, then see patients in the office all day during the week. I work out in the evenings from 5-7 or 6-8. Then I whip up dinner, or bring home take-out. My husband has an extremely long commute and works long days in Berkeley in the Bio-Tech industry, so I still make it home first. My 11 year old son, Conan, has started working out with me every night! Sometimes we go to the gym, sometimes we work out at home.

Q: Favorite movie, actor, tv show, and musician?
A: Actor: Russell Crowe
Movie: Gladiator (I went TO the theater 5x in 2000 to see that, in my 40th year...felt like a stalker:)
TV show: Survivor
Musician(s): ACDC (I was personal trainer to the bassist in Fort Myers for 2-3 years, and we remain friends still) We went to their latest show twice (in Oakland, and san Jose) once with my hubby, and once with the boys, Both my son Conan and stepson Marc were pretty impressed. The show was INSANE! My hubby said that he's seen the Stones once, and that ACDC topped even that. I agree.

Q: Describe Liza Riechenberger in five words.
A: Strong, Smart, Stubborn, Adventurous, Mischievous.

Q: Any set plans for 2010 in the sport, or any other projects?
A: I am going to do the IFPA Universe in June, back on Grand Cayman...YEAH!! My hubby and I hope to celebrate our anniversary (we were married the day after the WNBF Universe in 2008) and scuba dive!! Right after that, I am going to do the IFPA USA in July in Sacramento...I got some 'bidness' to settle in that town!

Q: Is there anything you have going on that you want to plug or promote?
A: I believe I have, but the main reason for taking hours to complete your interview is just that...I want people to KNOW me. I hope I have answered any questions that might be floating around out there, and hopefully have attracted the interest of those who would like me to represent them.

Q: Are you looking for any sponsors or maybe to do fitness modelling, or anything like that, and if so, how can people contact you?
A: Absolutely! I am extremely interested in sponsorship...having a REAL sponsor that would like me to endorse their product (or products)... I believe I have paid my dues, and as a medical professional, with TONS of competitive experience, I can offer alot as a spokesperson or model for any company marketing to the baby-boomer crowd, or MY generation...I am REAL. Who needs another 20-something figure girl?! Pick ME:)

Q: Liza, I again want to thank you for taking the time to do this.

Not to sound Male chauvinist, but it is usually very difficult for a Woman to defend Herself against a Male unarmed. This is even the case with Women who have trained in unarmed defensive tactics & is even true in cases where the Woman and attacking Male are the same size(although unusual). The reason is that the physiology of Men & Woman differ greatly.If you take a 150 lb Man & an 150 lb Woman the obvious difference will be that the Man will have usually have a greater percentage of lean Muscle Mass at that weight then an equal weight Woman. He will also have heavier, denser bone compared to the Woman and his tendons & ligaments will be thicker & stronger therefore allowing his Muscles to generate more strength.
What is not visible is the difference in their nervous system.In early embryonic development,we all essentially start out as female until the Male fetus undergoes a staged flood of Testosterone which is the turning point in the Fetus becoming virilized and exhibit Masculine characteristics. The flood of androgenic hormones not only has effects on the outer superficial features, but also rewires the Brain & nervous system differently from the female. These changes give Men their greater natural ability at spatial distance & timing applications,general athletic abilities and stronger muscle function due to the Brain & nervous system sending out more efficient nerve transmissions.
My first job when I was 16 was at a grocery store & there was a masculine Women who worked as a Meat cutter who was a Bodybuilder/Power lifter.She definitely LOOKED strong as She was fairly tall for a Woman and exhibited a large amount of Muscle as well ans weighed in at about 135 lbs.I also worked with a young boy who weighed in at about 125 and was about the weakest High School kid I had ever around. At the company picnic,I got the idea of pitting Her(the strongest Woman I knew) against him(the weakest Male I knew) in an arm wrestling contest.They agreed to the contest and after several minutes of both exerting all they had,the contest was ruled a draw.
"ZAP" from the American Gladiators was once a contestant on a game show hosted by Bob Eubanks. Zap was a Female Bodybuilder and Power lifter had as much Muscle as any Woman I had seen.Bob Eubanks was a late Middle aged thin Man with no training experience.They arm-wrestled on the show for fun and Eubanks slammed Her.
Just two examples,but this is the norm.I've trained in Martial Arts for nearly 30 years and have come across many Women who were 3 rd degree Black Belts etc. or trained for many years & not one of them could mount any real effective offense in a live sparring drill against a normal Male. I remember sparring one 3rd degree Black Belt Woman Instructor who asked me to "get down on my knees" when we sparred.Is that reality? Would that do Her any good in learning to protect Herself? The answer is a resounding NO!


Q: What is the biggest misconception about women who compete or the one thing you
wish people understood?
A: Bikini isn't figure and figure isn't bodybuilding. People should understand the
differences and respect all 3. ALSO, we do what we do because we choose to do it, I hate when people say "When are you going to have some fun and live your life" Who
are other people to judge my quality of life.

Nicole Bass v Karla Nelson 2

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Former Ms Olympia Valentina Chepiga is being interviewed.

The TV documentary special "WOMEN OVER 40: STILL CLIMBING THE HILL, NOT OVER IT", produced by Dr. Elliott Haimoff of Global Science Productions, and hosted by the fitness super-model Brenda Kelly, included a brief interview with Valentina Chepiga who has won every major female bodybuilding championship (Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, etc.), and what makes it even more of an accomplishment is that she won these after she was 40. She was one of the star interviewees - check out

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Renee O'neill FBB - Sexy video

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