Friday, August 17, 2012


No ladies, this isn’t like every other letter you get from weird foreign guys asking for you to wrestle, send your dirty shoes or outfits, do posing shows….you get the point. This is about why YOU are the most dedicated fans of the sport and a link to what bodybuilding was—a love of iron and the physical ideal (the ideal will always be subjective, unless speaking about Scarlett Johanss0n , that shit is universal), but I digress. In this article, I will give female bodybuilders their long overdue props and show them the love that usually only comes from mentally deranged individuals, kind of like that guy who asked me to pose while aroused and take a picture for him the other day. Yes, ladies, I love you, and I will always support you. Here is why.

1. You know you ain’t making shit

Perhaps the best of all time, Cory Everson
Yup, I used to get emails from 150lb dudes at 6 feet tall who NEVER competed asking for sponsorships at my old company and I still get five or so a day. Dudes think there is money in bodybuilding. They think they will be rich and famous by lifting and doing photoshoots and everyone will love them and unfortunately, after their second round of “gay for pay”, otherwise known as “G4P” and their entrance into the lush career as a drug dealer, they finally realize bodybuilders don’t make a damn thing unless you are top 5. No, not top 5 in a regional show, but top 5 PERIOD. Female bodybuilders? MAYBE in 12 years I have had 10 emails. You do it because you LOVE it, not for the false dreams of cash.

2. You Love It

2012 Europa IFBB Women’s Hartford Winner Anne Luise Freitas

I was at the Europa Supershow with my boys and IFPA Pros Chad Austin and Damon Gillis. We had this amazing specimen in 2nd unanimously and we are all judges. She got like 11th! She obviously got screwed. Meaning she pissed off a judge or some other political bullshit the IFBB is famous for. So we went up to her after the show, which I NEVER do but she needed to know she was awesome, and told her so. Without complaining about those who beat her, she flashed us a veiny, AMAZING quad pose and said, “I don’t know what I can do better. What do they want from me?” She didn’t tear down her fellow competitors. She wanted to get better. Anyone from her to the lovely writer and IFBB Pro Marie Gibbon display this attitude. I seriously almost cried! Damon, Chad and I look at her quads that made ours look like forearms and said, “Nothing, you did it.” Well, I also let her know she needs to play the political games that these judges need.

3. You Are Sexy

Anne Luise Freitas Again, PADOW!

Yeah I said it, female bodybuilders are sexy. Beauty is subjective, and if they and their significant others find them attractive, they are. The winner of the IFBB Women’s Pro Show in Hartford two weeks ago, Anne Luise Freitas, wow. She was dieted down, so not looking her best in most female attributes, but Damon, Chad and I all agreed, we had never seen an ass like hers. Props to Brazilians and their asses, but I, along with my boys, thought this was by far the most epic ass we had ever seen. Thus, even though the female bodybuilder physique isn’t my personal ideal and my wife is a “normal” girl, props must be given. Thus, while some might find it not their cup of tea, remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

So ladies, hold your head up high. While attendance might be low and they even made like 14 other divisions, like Physique, to replace you, you are one of a kind. You are the elite. And to that, ladies, I love you. Thank you for doing what you do.